vamped & some saucy things.


with high hopes that this blog facelift dissolves my neglect for this tiny place on the internet.


If you aren't married, this probably won't relate to you- unless you're into saucy, inappropriate, PG-13 sort of things.

I use to take photos because apparently that's what you do when you a blogger. (HA. What a tease.) I don't anymore for profit because I feel like you should be somewhat qualified. That's a soap box for another time.

But I took some photos for the first time in a long time for my lovely friend, lex. She is coming up on her 1 year anniversary with her love bird & wanted to do something special. She had heard of boudoir photos- don't google it- you'll find a lot of almost naked people. Since we are good friends & it is less awkward than being in the buff with a stranger, i said, "why not?"

here a few, very conservative, less saucy photos that she said would be fine to share on the blog.

I think boudoir photos are such a good idea for your hubs- valentines, anniversary, or just for general spice. You don't have to put on fish nets & hooker heels (unless you want to, then do it.) If anyone fancies this idea, I have a pinterest board with a million, classy photo ideas- i'd be happy to share with you. It's on private so I don't look like a big creep.

do you have any different gift ideas for your special man? lezbehonest, husbands are so hard to shop for.


  1. Lovely. I would never have the guts to have these taken for me haha. And it's weird having photography as part of my major. Because it's true, anyone with a DSLR can start a photography business and be a "photographer" and I don't agree with it at all. I mean fine. But then there are people like me who, k I might not be the best photographer but I'm learning and going to school and that's what I want to do for the rest of my life. Because there are so many of "us," however, I'm labeled as an amateur hobbyist and nobody takes me seriously. Boo, anyways, you're great.

  2. I believe when I'm married, I would consider this.. However, I'd probably never go through with it haha

  3. Ideas: activites that you can do together - my husband likes that more anyway - once I got him a pass to do the Larry Miller Race Car driving thing - that was fun - once we went skygliding off the point of mountain - also very fun. Last year - it was off to the range for gun shooting. Yeah - he loved that - me - I'm not into the whole holding something that was made to KILL and shooting at a plastic board thing - way creepy - but hey, I got brownie points all the same.

  4. this is so classy and fun and sweet! i'd totes do this once i'm hitched.

  5. I have totally wanted to do something like this since I've been married!


  6. I'm totally with you. I'll take photos for a friend if they ask, but I feel like charging them would be like paying my husband to give me a haircut. Stupid, and a disappointing. Also love these pics. Interesting idea. I think I might be too awkward while taking them to be any kind of sexy though. :(

  7. Alixann Loosle has done some gorgeous boudoir shoots. All pretty, but not too saucy.

  8. I've just been catching up on your blog. And honestly, I've always wondered if I should do this for my husband. I think it would be SO FUN. I want to see your Pinterest board! Especially because I don't really want to be completely naked like most of them that I see. Do you use anyone in particular? That's my other problem.... My username is mandaschroeder...I think.



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