Kick A, Easy A, Pot Roast


I guess this is turning into my personal (not so personal) recipe book.

Crockpot recipes are my friend. They are easy, & do most of the work for me. So when I find a crockpot recipe I like, I keep it forever.

I've made plenty roast recipes- you know, the classic potato, carrots & roast in a pot, & most of them have been okay. Dry or lack of flavor. Nothing like my dad use to make when I lived at home.

I gave it another shot & hallelujah- this is the recipe I need in my life.

without further adieu, 

Kick A, Easy A, Pot Roast
*adapted from this recipe

-some sort of roast between 2 & 3 pounds. (I personally like cow parts.)
-1 packet of brown gravy 
-1 packet of italian seasoning
-1 packet of ranch dressing
-1/2 to 1 sweet onion (or whatever kind of onion you like,) chopped
-some baby carrots (if you like them. i don't but i'm trying.)
-a few red potatoes (I should write a recipe for the vague-minded people.) chop those, please.
-3 to 4 cloves of garlic, depending on size. mince em. (the garlic press from ikea is the greatest.)
-2 cups water

throw it in & cook in your crocky for 10 hours & 30 minutes on low. (8 to 9 hours on high but I advise cooking it on low so it's nice & tender.)


  1. I've only tried roast once and it came out a little dry. Haven't gotten around to trying another one, but this looks delish! Thanks for sharing.

  2. My husband LOVES pot roast. I feel like pot roast is somewhat of a boring dinner, but this sounds great and I will surely make this next time.


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