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I'm not desperate & I wouldn't necessary consider myself a housewife either. With that said, since being married & partially responsible for our quarters, I've learned a few things about myself & housekeeping.

one : if I vacuum up a spider, dead or alive, i won't be the one emptying the vacuum. i had to deal with it once, i won't be bothered to face it again.

two : everything tastes better with garlic in regards to dinner.

three : speaking of garlic, it's nearly impossible to get the (heavenly but less sexy) stench off of your hands. Wipe your hands on some form of stainless steal (your sink, for example) & wahla, stink be gone.

four : having friends keeps my house clean. Slave driver. Anticipating people to come over, I try to keep it tidy.

five : without a dishwasher, I would avoid the kitchen entirely.

six : when folding laundry, I leave the towels for last because they are my favorite to fold.

seven : to avoid the black rim around your ceiling from burning candles, use a warmer. I use this one.

eight : while growing up, my mom kept our house smelling like cinnamon & orange peels. In turn, our house always smells cozy. (Especially Bath & Body Works released their fall collection.)

nine : I love having a made bed. I hate making it & sleeping in it. What a waste.

ten : invest in a swiffer mop.


  1. we do not have a dishwasher, and as a result i refuse to cook anything that requires dishes more than once a week. we eat a lot of frozen pizzas and use a lot of paper plates. haha.

  2. Haha number four. We had friends over for dinner tonight. Our apartment was the cleanest it has been since we moved in.

  3. come buy more stuff from me!

  4. I always fold the towels first because I love them! Also, more posts like this please :) but I do also love the recipes! Love your blog!


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