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I've been on a decorating spree the last few weeks because our home has been half decorated for the last year. For a lack of anything else to post, here are some photos of our abode.
chair : world market
I have had this beauty on my wishlist for months & McKay came home with it last week. He is the sweetest thing. 
 side table & lamp : thrifted & refinished
 hooks: world market
 couch : overstock // aztec pillow : ikea
Parapluie Revel canvas : thrifted // Eat More Cake Print : Inky Co. // Start Everyday Like It's Your Birthday Print : Alexa Z Design // Draper Temple Print : My father-in-law is the coolest & was able to get me a copy of the technical drawing of the temple from the church. That deserves its own post someday.


  1. I love it! You should see if your father-in-law can get me one of those from the bountiful temple.
    I love your house. Love it.

  2. I can't believe you refinished that side table! You have a knack for decorating. Also, your candle recommendations a few months back have changed my life.

  3. you house is amazing. can i move in! :) haha

  4. So when you refinish do you follow things on a site or do you just take a whack at it and it just turns out great?

  5. Hey!
    I saw your green lamp on insta, did you just use regular spray paint or did you have to buy a specific kind? Prime it any way? or put a finish on it?

    1. I primed it with a basic spray primer. I threw it out so I don't quite recall which brand I used. Then I used a Rustoleum satin spray paint & finished it off with a high gloss enamel.

  6. wow. come do my house next please?
    seriously beautiful!


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