molly & hugh.


I met my husband through my best friend, who also happens to now be my sister in law. I like the way things have worked out. Bri went into labor on Friday night & on Saturday morning, Molly & Hugh joined our family. They are the sweetest humans.

What I learned over the weekend:

+ though energy drinks are terrible for your insides, I was so grateful for that Red Bull at midnight.

+ labor really isn't as dramatic as the movies make it out to be, especially when the good drugs are involved.

+ ice chips are good. flavored ice chips are better.

+ SkipBo at 2 AM gets a little bit crazy.

+ I won't judge people who sleep on random couches in random buildings anymore because I joined them. I was that weird person asleep on the tiny couch in the lobby of the newborn center. It's fine.

+ you know it's game time when the water breaks.

+ meeting molly & hugh for the first time was the sweetest experience. the babes are fresh from heaven.

+ newborns are soft, cuddling & make the cutest noises. I haven't been baby hungry in a long time. I'm glad Bri had two so I can snuggle one always.

+ I took about a million photos & i'm so glad. We will always remember their tiny yawns.

+ also, the cafeteria food was awesome.

(Sorry I've been MIA for the last- er- month. I don't think I've ever gone that long since I was a freshman in high school. Oops. I am definitely not slacking on instagram so if you would like to keep up to date when I neglect this place you can find me here : @meglivingston)


  1. Crap. My uterus just jumped.

  2. Tell Bri congratulations from Ms. Gamm. Do Molly and High have siblings? Please say hi to her mom, Spencer, and McKay, too.

  3. oh my gosh twins!! how cute. i love it. cannot wait for my babies to be here!!! :)

  4. i love babies. fresh babies from heaven is such a true statement.

  5. Oh soooo cute. that little yawn is adorable! love babies!

  6. Oh, i'm so jealous of people who have twins.

  7. aaaaaawwwwww! which one is the girl and which is the boy?


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