8:40 AM.


If you are needing easy & delicious recipes, I suggest four cheese stuffed shells or crockpot orange chicken.

Whilst taking out the garbage this morning, I was so pleasantly surprised to find that it was lightly snowing. The Christmas tree goes up in T minus 3 weeks.

I like Beyonce as much as the next bedroom-dancing girl but this is phenomenal.

Last week at work, a client told me about her inappropriate feelings about her cab driver, then I wondered why she wanted to share that with me. I wish she wouldn't have.

I saw a man outside of the grocery store, holding a sign asking for money due to financial struggles. Did I mention he was texting on his iphone as well? Something is wrong with this world.

Have a lovely day. Eat some ice cream or something.


  1. Beyonce's "Love on Top" music video is also great. She works it hard.


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