Maybe I'll start putting inspirational quotes here. You don't smell weird. You're welcome. This just got weird.


+ I don't like foods that linger. Such as, onions. I don't want to smell like onions for the rest of the week. What the crap, onion.

+ For new years eve, we'll be ordering a pizza & watching re-runs of some 90's sitcom. Ideal.

+ I'm trying to find something of worth to say, but mostly I just listen to Beyonce's new CD & read teeny-bopper books.

+ I wish I was a reader at heart. By that, I mean, I would rather watch an entire season of Parenthood in a day than read. Too bad for me I have watched everything Netflix & Hulu offers, so I purchased a stack of books. The Fault In Our Stars, Divergent, Elizabeth Smart's memoir & Mindy Kaling's Why Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? Thus far, I have finished The Fault In Our Stars & I would say it was probably one of the best books I have ever read. I'm midway through Elizabeth Smart's book but I only allow myself to read it when McKay is home because I'm a weirdo & think someone is going to kidnap me.

+ I'm good at tangents. It should be my hobby. I just turned a noun into a verb. I'm also good at English, apparently.

+ Back to books, I like them more than I anticipated. Especially paired with a bath & a bath bomb from Lush.

+ Christmas is more fun when you have kids that are on board with the whole Santa train. Abby (almost 5 year old niece. Sassy. The one with wit.) & Evan (3 year old nephew. Likes wrestling & most forms of rough-housing unless he can sense immediate danger) [another tangent]- I'm starting this sentence over again. My niece & nephew almost messed their cartoon panties when they came downstairs on Christmas morning. For good reason too. See photo below. *Note: Bri (wedding dress maker, graphic design extraordinaire, sister to mckay, best friend to me), Melanie (best mother in law I have ever had) & I coordinated wrapping paper. Sure, we're nuts but it was pretty freaking cute.
+ McKay just asked me to pick him up a Nerd's Rope from the grocery store. Just why. No respect for low quality candy. [I still love you, honey bear, sugar plum.] 

+ Pet names are my favorite. I called my boss 'boo' today. I take things too far.

+ The older I get, the more respect I have for my Grandma. Not like the basic, I respect you as a human respect- though I suppose I have that too. But the kind where if i was a cartoon, my eyes would grow 3 times too big at half of the things she says. The braggy kind. She wears CoCo Chanel & she's 80. She's a pretty cool cat. Here's another photo. *Note, the arbitrary photo at the beginning of this post is from her christmas tree.

+ the new year is pretty cool, besides the over-crowded gym. this year has some fun things in store. i'll share them with you sometime, when I re-dedicate myself to blogging. That's not a resolution. Get away from me, resolution police.


  1. Divergent is my favorite series. Just make sure you have Insurgent and Allegiant nearby when you finish. And a box of kleenex's...

  2. LOVE Divergent.I REALLY need to finish the 3rd one before I have these babies. haha. But, I would rather watch tv and netflix these days ahah!


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