I've entered a serious relationship with cosmetics. I'm not saying I'm proud of it, but I do know more than I probably should. Lexi also on this makeup-train. To expound & share our love for the beauty industry, we have created a youtube channel & a new blog called Stripes & Peonies. From beauty to baking to fitness, I'll probably be more focused on that blog because I have a partner to keep me motivated. I'll still be blogging here about the common nonsense. Don't fret, if you are into my stream of consciousness.

Walah. Here is our first (awkward) video. Also, click here for our beauty & other fun things blog.


  1. this is my favorite thing in the world. subscribing, because you guys are perfect.

  2. Not your mothers hair salt spray is the best thing thats ever happened to me. I think its $4 at Walmart, so there you go, an extra dollar off. This is great that you guys have done this! Right on (: I'm going to assume its safe to say that you both are big fans of MAC? Is that what you mostly use? PS Lexi you've got lovely hair (:


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