things of late

+ I met my blogging friend last week, 
after 6 years of cyber-friendship, 
we are finally real-life friends.
I'm grateful for the internet to meet
great people all over the country.

+ At church, I get to work with
the youth now
& I am so excited about it.

+ ephianies.
they are a bit of cliche.
I had one last week though
& it might be an organized post someday.

+ mckay & I have been married
for two years.
it's been the sweetest two years.

+ the following started again this week.
i hate that show,
yet i keep watching it.

+ I'd like to go to the beach,


  1. I have been a teacher in the YWs program for almost a year now and it has by far been my favourite calling ever!!!! I learn so much from those girls.. not to mention our girly movie dates are the bomb!

  2. I started the Following last year (I love Kevin Bacon, so I had to give it a try) but the episode where the girl was hung up by her arms gave me the creeps… and I love the Walking Dead, so I was so surprised how much it scared me! I stopped watching after that episode but I've been considering watching it again.


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