happy, happy, happy.


It's been a bit of a whirlwind the last few weeks. Surprise after surprise, which hasn't been the worst but my nerves are shot.

here a few things that have made me happy recently:
+ new office decor. I can't help myself.
+ fresh tulips.
+ warm weather in february.
+ looking forward to vacations.
+ when the gym is empty.


  1. tulips are springs best flower for sure. i also am looking forward to vacations, i know the feeling! haha the gym is empty because in february everybody gives up on their new years goals (;
    wishing you the best weekend, because you're wonderful and you deserve it. much love.

  2. Your happy list seriously made me happy too
    The weather has been SO great, but it makes me really impatient for spring/summer.
    And I went out to get tulips after seeing this post ;) congrats on the new job!

  3. Hi, Meg! I know this is a sort of out of place comment, haha, but what version of photoshop do you use to make the typography you post on your instagram?

  4. Sophia,

    It depends! When I am at home I use Photoshop Elements & when I'm at work I use Photoshop CS5. Both work nearly the same for typography!

  5. Haha are you waiting for all the new year resolutioners to quit too ;-)

  6. Haha..are you waiting for all the new year revolutioners (its a word I promise) to quit too..


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