on being a cool mom.


I was so incredibly ready for spring this week. I suppose that is a bit presumptuous considering it is only the 1st of february. All I really want is to take the trash out without shoes & a parka on. I'm dramatic.

Whilst wandering Target, as I usually do- tangent: on some days, I get off of work 1 hour before McKay which really doesn't leave me enough time to do anything but go to target, right? right. Anyway, I was in the panties section- mostly looking for sports bras on clearance because who really wants to pay full price for anything? I saw a mom with her newly teen daughter milling over the fun bras. You know the kind, covered in sequins. The mom picked up a brightly colored pair of panties which only could be meant for someone that is no longer twelve & said to her daughter, "there is no better way to celebrate your 13th birthday than by buying some fancy undies & a cute bra." I laughed, then immediately heard, "Mom! You are so embarrassing!" After meeting eye contact with the mom, which almost said "Someday the little one will learn." Mother said, "I'm a cool mom." After that happened, I thought, "Oh, i should blog about that." It's been awhile since I've felt that way. I use to only think in blog-format. It's almost weird not to be.

If you are following my instagram, sorry for consistently bothering you with this other website. It's just a new, exciting hobby. Like a puppy- minus the snuggles & adorableness.

Until next time, which I'm not entirely sure when that will be, have a lovely day.

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  1. If fancy underwear is the only factor of being a "cool mom" i'll take it one step further and buy my daughter her first thong shortly after we've nailed down potty training. She'll thank me for the absence of her panty line showing through her 2T sized jeggings. hahaha jk. I just want to be a good mom first. women.


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