recent happenings.


This week has been absolute insanity. Mostly I want to take a nap but there are so many things to be done.

Things that happened this week:

+ On Wednesday (I think. This week has felt like years.) I abruptly lost my job, including every other person that worked at that company. Some fishy things had been going on that we weren't aware of & the FTC gave us a visit. It was terrifying & made me re-evaluate what kind of industry I want to be working in.

+ The department I work in- use to work in, I suppose is made up of mostly lovely ladies. We had an impromptu party at my home on Wednesday evening. Perhaps you can't call it a party but we did provide treats & gifts. It was like a funeral with striped straws & polka dot tissue paper. It was bizarre, as this whole week has been. All of the prayers to the families now in need of a job.

+ Interviewing is awkward. I just feel there is a fine line between acting like you are hire-me-please-i'm-desperate & being too business-y, too robot-like. Maybe I should say, "hi, i'm a cool cat- sort of, not really. I can bake though. So if you give me this job. I will bring cupcakes. Every day."

+ OH. I have awful news. Long story short, we had to relinquish all of our assets at work over to the government, including passwords. Our (Lexi & I's) beauty blog & youtube channel was logged-into on my computer & the feds deleted it- blog & youtube channel in all. So, COOL GUYS, hope your souless insides enjoyed our lipstick reviews. I will keep you posted when we re-launch another site but we are currently preoccupied with the other madness.

+ Tuesday, before the chaos ensued, Lex & I (our husbands included, of course) booked a spring break vacation to Vegas. Mostly just for the sun & it's cheaper than going to the beach. Oh, utah, why must you be inland? (If you are needing a really lovely hotel deal for Vegas, you should check on Groupon. Bargain shopper right here. Sometimes.)

+ Perks this week: facetiming with friends because you can't fit everything in a snap chat, interviews with wholesome companies, steak & snuggling with my favorite human (husband, duh,) the warm(ish) weather, house of cards season two & bright pink lipstick for a touch of sass.

+ have a wonderful week, people. eat a cupcake.


  1. holy cow lady. what a week! go eat yourself an entire batch of cupcakes, please! prayers your way. xoxo :)

  2. I was wondering why I was'nt able to see your other blog. Now I understand.
    But what does a beauty blog have to do with the things going on at a fitness center?
    Anyway, I am sure you will find a new job soon. My thoughts are with you. This is so not fair that you got fired!

  3. This is so not fair! My thoughts are with you!

  4. oh my! not good news at all! but i was super pumped for house of cards season 2 also!!

  5. What a week! Sorry about the lame job situation. Whatever FTC is, I just decided I don't like them.

    Federal Trade Commission. Yep, I googled it.

    Prayers for you and the other families finding jobs!

  6. bleh bleh bleh. crappy week. i'm still recovering. but they SERIOUSLY deleted your stuff? as if i didn't hate them enough already. i want to punch all those big scary men in their kahoonas. they anger me.

  7. yikes everything is going wrong! that sounds awful. I'm so sorry about the loss of your job and the craziness!

  8. first off, sorry about the job. totally blows.

    secondly, house of cards. i'm so glad you watch it. <3


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