i'm currently listening to the pussycat dolls, just in case you wanted to know.



+ I got a new job. Did I already tell you that? I rarely tell you anything, old friend. I apologize for that. It's a lovely company with stellar people. Admittedly, it's hard to be at the bottom of the corporate food chain again. I like knowing what I'm doing & learning something new requires asking questions. Lots of questions. I'm learning which is refreshing.

+ Speaking of jobs & things, do you recall what happened at the last company I was with? Short story: the federal trade commission showed up. temporarily ceased & shut down. I found a new job. As of last Thursday, the judge ruled in the company's favor which is wonderful. (FTC, shove it.)

+ I've been under the weather today. The weather as also been under the weather. It rained. It snowed. It's like she's in bad relationship & doesn't know what she wants.

+ Ginger. That's what I'll be tomorrow.

+ I instagram more than I blog. I just used instagram as a verb. Great. I recently went back on private because I got a wave of "there could be creeps out there." You're probably not creepy, so if you are wondering ---> @meglivingston

+ I finished reading Divergent. So, naturally, I saw the movie. It was good. The book is also wonderful. I would probably be Erudite or Candor. I know, they are the worst. McKay is dauntless to the core, without questions.

+ One of my very favorite humans will be back in the USA next week. I'm bursting with joy.

+ Have a cool week. Watch the voice. It's a good one. Also, go to 180 Tacos if you live in Utah Valley. It will rock your taco world.


  1. Hi! I'm glad that thing with your old job got solved in their favor.
    Please write about the ring you always wear on your left thumb! I think every ring has a story behind it.

  2. I'm in the process of reading divergent. already saw the movie so I was reeled in.


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