it's tuesday.


I desperately wish I had something exciting to write here.

I tried bubble tea for the first time a few weeks ago- which was tea-less so perhaps it should be called bubble smoothie. Regardless, it was delicious. (If you are in Utah Valley, Slurp on main in American Fork serves them.)

I recommend weekend getaways filled with naps & morning cartoons. Particularly Hey Arnold. Oldie but a goodie.

It's taken me an hour to get to this point. Lame. This is lame.

Juan Pablo is a slut. Andi is the new bachelorette. Let's be real.

I'm wearing a dress because I'm trying to be a professional. Also, it's sort of warm. So that's a thing.

I'm leaving now because I'm becoming incredibly boring.


  1. Questions help. Sink your teeth into a few of these, if you feel like it. And because I love your posts.

    1. Why you do or do not support gay marriage. Emphasis on the why.
    2. 15 things you want to do with your kids someday. (i.e. Take them to disneyland, or whatever. That doesn't sound like something you'd say, but maybe it is...)
    3. A list of the top 100 best experiences of your life. I did this once. It's amazing.

  2. just so you know, you're not boring. i love your blog. and your photos. well just everything. too much? maybe. anyway keep up the awesomeness.


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