what happened in vegas.


a few weeks ago, our foursome (stop it) went to vegas for spring break & it was lovely. Because I don't know how to format a well-structured, story format post anymore. Here's some bits & pieces, as usual.

+ We spontaneously decided to leave a day early because who can say no to another day of vacationing? Wilson & McKay went out in wilderness with their guns & did manly things. Lexi & I, not surprisingly, went shopping & out for bubble tea.

+ Whilst in Vegas, we stayed at the Cancun Resort, thanks to a groupon. If you are traveling with married friends & you would prefer to have your own room, instead of hanging a sheet- this hotel offers two bedroom condos. Win, win.

+ Kate Spade tempted us the first evening we were in vegas with her perfectly shaped bags & dainty jewelry, plus the outlet was 50% off. We gave in later that night & bought bags. (hastag: kate spade 4 lyfe.)

+ The last time the four of us went to Vegas, we walked the strip, dined at a buffet & enjoyed the classic (mormon version) vegas trip. This time, we lounged by the pool the majority of the time. I read Divergent. Some napped. It was lovely. I would be okay with warm weather all of the time, expect on Christmas.

+ Lex & I bought matching swim suits. We're annoying. (hashtag: BBBBFFFZZZ)

+ If you are in vegas & you're looking for a fantastic breakfast that won't break the bank, the egg & i will rock your world. Go. Eat a cheesy omelet. Then take a nap.

hooray for vacations, cool cat friends & sunburns.

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  1. the egg & i is also in st. george and i cannot go to st. george without eating there. the ranch potato shindigs are the best thing my taste buds have ever experienced. yum.

    also, i wish my vegas "vacation" was as cool as yours. but life sucks and we get a move on.


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