homecomings & farewells.


+ i love it when life gets real weird, real quickly. i put my two weeks in today. my insides feel sad because the people I work with are absolutely pleasant but sometimes you've just got to do what you've got to do. (Hi, my middle name is vague.)

+ if you are here because you are hoping my blog will be full of wit & comedy like my old blog (which is now private because woah, I did not have a filter) you might remember Evan. we have been the best of friends since high school & he has been in Colombia the last two years teaching the gospel. He is such a lovely human. He's single, laaaaddddiiieesss but there will be a grueling interrogation beforehand. (Jokes. Sort of.)

+ i bought $10, polka dot pants from H&M. I suggest you go pick up a pair.

+ a warm thank you & perhaps even a cyber hug (i'm not a hugger) to those who commented on the last post. I have gone back & forth about sharing that bit of my life but it's nice to know we all have issues we are working out.

+ while dating mckay, I stepped outside of my happy box so I could look cool. Well, for the first few weeks, he quickly realized that I'm not a cool cat. (I say cool cat, so you know, that's some indication.) One of these activities included one of those places covered in trampolines. The walls, the floors- it's basically like one giant limb-breaking boobie-trap. i went, & smiled & tried to act adorably clumsy. I also never, ever, ever went back. After i sealed that deal, that was one of my "no thanks, never again" dates. Bad wife award. Somehow, I was roped into going over the weekend. I moaned & groaned like an annoying 5 year old that just needs a nap the entire way there. In the end, it was so fun. In fact, I'm currently trying to persuade Lexi to go with me tonight. I learned to do a back flip (which is REALLY COOL, okay?) & I didn't break anything. So, try new things, kids.

+ if you have a gold's pass, go to turbo kick. it's fun & a great workout. if you see me ever, don't look because I look like i'm having a full body heave. It's fine.


  1. Hey you. I'm joining Gold's presently. I expect awkward group classing together at least once or twice.

  2. Hooray Evan! You two are the cutest best friends.

  3. turbo kick is my favorite class ever. I've been a regular on Wednesday mornings for a few months now.

  4. what the crap are you doing inviting people to turbo kick? people will see me. and they'll laugh. (if they already don't.)


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