pancakes that don't suck.


I don't like pancakes- unless they are covered in butter & it's after midnight. But I'm trying not to make bad decisions anymore because I started the "Whole30" on April 1st. How fitting, I know. I saw this recipe on taylor's blog & I was like, "okay, sure, I can get on that train."

things you need
+ 1 banana
+ 2 eggs
+ vanilla, to your personal vanilla-y desires

to do
+ you could do this by hand but any excuse i can find to use my coral food processor, I take it. Blend/mash bananas until smooth.
+ add eggs & vanilla. blend well. (I whipped mine real good & the pancakes were incredibly fluffy.)
+ grease skillet with whatever you'd like. i personally enjoy coconut oil because i'm trying to be healthy. if you don't believe in that, use butter.
+ low heat, girlfriends. these suckers burn real quick if your heat is too high- well, game over.
+ a few seconds on each side (30, maybe? if i wrote a cookbook it would be a mess.)
+ wahla. I topped mine with strawberries.

If you are also living the paleo ways, I would suggest making coconut milk whipped cream & put a sweet dollop on your cakes.

If you are a healthy human or also doing the whole30, please, please, please, please *desperation* leave your favorite recipes of any kind. I can only do so many things with chicken.


  1. you are quite literally my favorite person in the entire blogosphere. even world probably. actually, definitely world. secretly I wish I was you sometimes (all the time.)

    1. oh, you are just the sweetest thing.

  2. Check out

    Hunter is not only the cutest human, she has great recipes and is doing the whole 30 so it'll be perfect.


    1. Oh, thank you! I'll take any delicious paleo recipes I can get!

  3. I did Paleo for several months a couple years ago, and I loved it! (However, I don't miss coconut flour infused baked goods. And sweet potato brownies will never ever cut it for me.) Even though I'm not doing Paleo anymore, it's changed the way I'll eat for life. I'm all about the clean eating train. These are some of my favorite non-chicken clean eats:

    Baked Avocado Salsa (leave off the bread crumbs) --

    Kale and Sun-dried Tomato Spaghetti Squash (any sausagey sauce is great on spaghetti squash) --

    Lasagna Soup (this was a Paleo favorite, but leave out the noodles) --

    Also, if you love steak (I know you do), lather some of this rub on it, slap it on a Foreman, and eat it up. Best. Rub. Ever. --

    1. Oh, baked goods are my vice. I'm avoiding that field entirely because you know, I like my brownies dirty- full of real sugar. I'll have to try all of those recipes. They look wonderful. You are equally wonderful.

  4. Oh, and I suppose if you're desperate for recipes I should leave you this. I don't know all the rules of whole30, but most of these can be adapted for clean eating:


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