the lorac pro palette.


I've been trying to get my hands on this palette since December but apparently, so was everyone else. When it was finally in stock, I snatched it right up.

For the love of beautiful, buttery shadows- Lorac, you have stolen my heart. 8 matte shades & 8 shimmer of perfection. Mind you, I own the Naked 2 & Naked 3 from Urban Decay (I know, I know, I need to get a grip.) but if I was held at cosmetic gunpoint, I would choose the Lorac Pro without hesitation.

The pigments are quite soft, which has been a complaint of some but I don't mind it. The fall out is an easy clean up. If you are new to this world, this is a good palette to start out with. If you aren't a crazy person, it is the only palette you really would need.

I do wish the packaging was more like the UD Naked 2 & 3 because I would be careful to travel with this palette because it doesn't securely close but whate'er.

I would recommend this palette to everyone & their mom. It's the best.

(All swatches are without a primer. Woah, right? Right.)


  1. Ah, I've wanted this for a while. 3 Questions: Where'd you find it? How much is it? Are you still doing the Stripes-and-Peonies blog/youtube channel?


    1. 1: Ulta is probably the easiest place to find it. Lorac is on at Sephora's located within JC Penny's. Or online at either store.
      2: It's $42, which is ten dollars cheaper than the Naked palettes from Urban Decay. 16 shadows in the Lorac Pro, versus 12 in Naked.
      3: Probably not. Lex & I are just so busy with our new jobs, it's hard to coordinate. I'll be continuing beauty-esque posts here!

  2. Do you have any suggestions or advice on what eyeshadow colors to use to make hazel/brown eyes really stand out? Also, are there other pallets you would recommend that aren't too expensive?

    1. Purple-y tones are complimentary to hazel & brown eyes. Warm, red-tone browns are my favorite as well.

      My favorite drugstore palettes are from Wet N Wild, surprisingly. They have trios that are absolutely wonderful & they make an 8 pan palette called "Comfort Zone" with warm browns that you might like. The trios are under 3 dollars, depending on where you go & the 8-pan palette is 5(ish.)

  3. I've been really thinking of getting Naked 2 lately. I've seen this palette around, but I still think I'd rather have Naked 2. It's a hard decision though!


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