+ it feels nice to be busy. I suppose that is why I've taken a temporary hiatus from this place. Luckily, consistency & a manageable routine has set in, so I suppose you'll see me here a bit more.

+ my last day of my old job I started to feel nervous. Perhaps it's normal. The "what in the world have I done" jitters. Now back at my new (old) job, I am so glad I made the change. It has been a really weird few months, but the time that I had briefly at the other company was refreshing & offered closure on something I needed deeply for years. So, I suppose things do happen for a reason.

+ lex & I launched a new blog & youtube channel together. you can see it here, if you want to.

+ it's ocean potion season which is the best season.

+ life is good. see you later.


  1. Congratulations on your new (old) job. Closure is good! :)

  2. okay, where did you get that calender? it's to die for!


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