the time we went to moab.


McKay had three consecutive days off which in itself is a miracle. We make a snap decision, packed our bags & headed to Moab, UT. McKay didn't grow up in Utah so it was his first time going through Arches National Park. Minus the anxiety of falling off of a cliff, it was great fun. Mini vacations are necessary.

*Also, I decided to upload this video to vimeo as well, if you have already seen it here- I'm sorry. Royalty-free music is just the worst so this version seems bearable. 

MOAB | MEG + MCKAY from Meg Livingston on Vimeo.


  1. Okay seriously, how are you so tan? Jealous.

  2. 1. You are gorgeous.
    2. I love Moab.
    3. That anchor necklace.

  3. you have theeee most gorgeous skin!

  4. Gasp. I can't believe you guys are Giants fans. :(

  5. your skin looks so flawless. gorgeous!


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