I feel like i need to introduce everyone I talk about every time I post as a courtesy but I'm going to quickly tell you about the people that frequent my posts.

McKay // is my husband & best friend. He has a beard currently & we've been married for 2.5 years. He gets mistaken for wentworth miller on occasion & has a thing for dangerous things like guns & motorcycles. He is incredibly cheeky & makes me as happy as a unicorn. (See previous post for proof.)

Lexi // is my sister. Actually, that's a lie. We're not related but we are often mistaken as sisters (well, when we were both brunettes.) We are sort of inseparable. The annoying best friend kind but we don't really care. We also have a joint blog that I keep shamelessly mentioning. We went to high school together but didn't become friends until we started working at the same company. She meows instead of using the lyrics to songs & is an impeccable guesser for reality TV shows.

Wilson // is Lexi's husband & McKay's best friend. (Love square- not the kinky kind.) Often date night ends up being Lex & I napping & the husbands watching war movies. It's sort of the perfect relationship. Wilson also has a beard & owns a lot of firearms.

Bri // is my other best friend & sister in law- but best friend first. I've told this story to nearly every person I've met so I'll keep it short. I met Bri in high school while McKay was in Scotland. We watched the bachelor every monday. She arranged the marriage between McKay & I. Luckily we fell in love as well. The whole thing worked out rather nicely. (We still watch the bachelor every night. Going strong since 2009.)

Evan Sr. // is another best friend (I might be a best friend whore or something.) We met in high school. He just got home from living in Colombia. I'm trying to sell him off to my closest friends to be wed- so if you are single, sane, wity & wonderful (WOAH, alliteration) you can apply below. I also included the "Sr." because I also have a nephew who is three named Evan. Both are wonderful.

There are others that I adore, obviously, but these are the ones that I feel like I am continually introducing as of late. So, remember them because I'm not going to tell you every time.


  1. wentworth miller is cute. too bad he's gay :(

  2. we could make our stories into books. let's start that.

  3. just started following your blog with lexi! love it


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