+ how in the world is it june already? today 3 years ago, I graduated high school so that is weird. I went to my sister in law's high school graduation this week & those things are so unnecessarily long. I should have counted how many times I heard "graduates, look around" or "success" or "we made it." Seriously, it is not that hard to make it through high school. Plus it's nearly free. College has turned my education into something a bit more bitter.

+ it's freaking peony season, so sorry if i cover my house & your instagram feed with them.

+ trader joe's update: thanks for all of your recommendations. I have another trip planned this week. McKay adores their frozen mac & cheese, plus their bottled rootbeer. He is a bit of a connoisseur. Those blasted banana bites covered in chocolate kill me. I think I went through an entire box in one day- maybe in one sitting. Don't you dare judge me. Also, the mandarin chicken was absolutely fantastic. I also picked up the coconut body butter which I love & hate. I only hate it because it reminds me of a beach which is oh so far away. Mostly, utah valley needs  TJ's because I'm hooked. (Oh & of course I bought cookie butter.)

+ I should make a list of excuses as to why I started Gossip Girl in the first place but mostly it was because I finished Scandal & I thoroughly enjoy binge watching. Doing the laundry, running at the gym, whatever it might be- netflix helps me through my day. Anyway, thanks to my dear friend mardi, somehow I am now on season three of gossip girl. I hate it & love it. I especially love when Lizzie McGuire & Tyra Banks showed up on the same episode. Mind blown.

+ here's a conversation that McKay & I had via text, midday at work that I don't really want to forget.
me: how is my honey penguin?
mckay: no such thing. there are no bees on the continent Antarctica.
me: that's why i called you that. you're like a unicorn.
mckay: again, those are not in existence.
me: that's why you are so special to me.
mckay: well you are special to me too but that doesn't compel me to make up fictional creatures to compare you to.
me: I wish you loved me enough to consider me as rare as a mystical creature such as a mermaid. I am so offended.
mckay: i love you enough not too.

+ also, here are some unrelated photos from instagram- @meglivingston.


  1. I have watched Gossip Girl through twice and I'm not ashamed. Okay well maybe I'm a little ashamed, but I loved every minute of it.

  2. That conversation made me smile. you two are the cutest. totally jealous of your trader joe's shopping trips. we don't have one :(((((((

  3. Gossip Girl was my guilty pleasure for soooo long!! Also I need these baking mats (real name?!?!) and Trader Joe's is the BEST!! Sadly, the closest one to me is too far.

  4. you MUST watch How I Met Your Mother. If you enjoy punny inappropriate humor, and who doesn't, you will love it. I have watched it through 4 times and am working on my 5th. WARNING: the final season is not on Netflix yet....

  5. Literally laughed out loud at your text convo hahah


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