the feels.


+ carnivals are wonderful & nauseating. Especially when you eat carni-food followed by rides that spin a million miles per hour. I had my first realization of "I'm getting old" over the weekend. 1) I remember going to the carnival to scout out boys now I think I could be their mom. 2) I nearly puked after one ride. Being twenty-one is rough.

+ lex & i were on our way to the gym last week, but ended up at the movie theater instead. (No idea how that happened.) The Fault in Our Stars- oh, my feels couldn't handle it.

+ if you are in utah (or want to make a spontaneous trip) & are in need of a free date this saturday, you should probably come to the air show at Hill Airforce Base. Free admission. Free parking. Click here. I'm that weird girl who gets all emotional watching F16's fly around because 'merica.

+ this entire post is about how emotional I am. SORRY.


  1. My husband and dad got VIP tickets to the air show and have not stopped talking about it! I'm the weird emotional girl right there with ya:)

  2. I love that you cry at airplanes. It makes me feel so validated. When they have everyone stand up for the patriotic songs at church on the weekend of the 4th, I always end up a soggy sniffling mess.


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