the land of sweaty everything & BBQ.


Bri (See previous post) & her family are moving which is pretty devastating for me. (It's all about me.) We (rather spontaneously) (Also, I'm a little parentheses happy) hopped on a plane & went to Houston to find a home. For her but I kept my eyes peeled because I wouldn't be entirely upset if we moved. I attempted to film our adventures via iPhone but mostly it turned out to be a lot of crap footage of the cityscape & a massive amount of baby clips because I'm an obsessive aunt. Regardless, I pieced our vacation together.

I understand the majority of it won't make any sense so I thought along with the video, I would tell you the things I learned.

+ You need at least two people per baby to get through security at the airport. We had two babies.
+ Nothing can make business men turn into doting grandma-esque humans like 8 month old, chubby twins.
+ There is no need to shower while in Texas. The humidity ruins all attempts at being hygienic.
+ BBQ. Always. Rudy's, particularly.
+ Without Google Maps, good luck determining the difference between the 59, 69, 610, & all of the other numbered highways that feel like all go to the same place but definitely do not.
+ Valet parking makes me feel like Blair Waldorf.
+ Houston is basically like Hogwarts. Two words: underground tunnels.
+ Texans are nice. Not "I'm being nice because it's socially required" but the genuine kind. The kind where strangers ask questions because they actually want to get to know you even if it is for 5 minutes.
+ Texans like beige. Stop with the plague of beige decorating. Someone stop it.
+ The yards are impeccable & the suburbs are flourishing with towering, brick homes. I was taught they are called McMansions.
+I'd like a McMansion.
+ Lizards instead of mice.
+ Humidity. I've said it before & I'll say it again. 100% humid. Learn to swim.


    I laughed real hard at that.

  2. Humidity, barbecue, and friendly strangers...yeah, the south is my favorite.

  3. I'm so glad you discovered Rudy's. My husband and I stock up on their sauce every time we're down to visit his family. If you're lucky, they will have Dr. Pepper with real sugar. SO GOOD. The more southern they get the more friendly they are. I think it's a side effect of the accent


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