as of late.


+ the 4th of July is probably my very favorite holiday. I can't say no to BBQ food & fireworks. McKay & I went to the Stadium of Fire this week. (Work perks, hey.) I fan-girled over Carrie Underwood.

+ Bri & her husband have been in Europe for the last bit. She flew in yesterday & brought home fresh macarons from France. I love baked goods. I know this. You know this. I didn't particularly fancy french macarons but sweet mercy, these were delicious.

+ My guilty pleasure is the Bachelor. I've watched for seasons & will continue to do so. A few seasons ago, we were graced with Courtney on Ben's season. (Remember this? Love it.) She wrote a book. If you watched that season & you are of age, it's a good one to read to kill some brain cells. It's a by-the-pool kind of book.

+ Thanks to Lex, I have two new favorite things. 1) the lemon bars from FiberOne. Don't eat the whole box. Just don't do it. 2) this song. If I like a song, I listen to it a million times until I don't like it anymore. Luckily, I still like this one.

+ Someday I will re-dedicate myself to this blog. I swear.


  1. Thanks to you I have a new summer theme song. Awwww yeah!

  2. Thanks for the little glimpses of life--super fun! I'm commenting (and anonymously because once again, I'm a chicken) to also beg for more of the post on April 4th. (Yeah, I just went back and re-read it like an obsessive creeper.) Sick of being angry at my body... help, Meg.


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