all i do is talk about food.


+ at one point in my life, I did not like in-n-out. (I heard an audible gasp. I know, i know.) Mostly because I don't like burgers in general. (You're dying.) However a protein-styled burger wins my heart everytime. I could eat ten probably & not even feel bad. (I might feel sick.) (I use too many parentheses.)

+ i always stalk the online thrift stores for furniture. It just so happens that my very favorite kind of furniture is real expensive & also found in the mid-century so anytime some person who doesn't really know what kind of mid-century gem they have sell it for cheap, I buy. Today I am almost sure that I have my hands on a (definitely not authentic but still beautiful) Eames Design armchair. I could just die.

+ i tried Mend Juicery in Provo yesterday. I'm trying to be healthier. (HA. You know, with my french fries.) Anyway, I wish I like juicing. I wish I could get on board with pressed carrots & kale but let's get real, yuck. I stayed away from all things veggie & picked up their seasonal drink which was filled with watermelon & mint. It tastes healthy but it's refreshing. If you are in need for a healthy treat & don't juice at home (& have an extra eight dollars. Expensive juice, i'd say) swing by Mend.

+ all I do is talk about food. Does that make me a foodie or just abnormally hungry?

+ things i have been enjoying lately: lilac nail polish, nice strangers & gordon ramsay.


  1. Those Revlon just bitten stains are only 3.79 at the Smiths in Provo, as well as some other locations right now. Thought you would want to know since I have seen you post about them!

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