+ McKay & I took the last few days off which was much needed & incredibly lovely. We went to St. George with our family which was filled with shopping, baby snuggling & probably too much candy. We actually went to go see the Blue Angels (we are all about air shows in this family) but I was feeling rather ill so I stayed behind. If I wasn't scared of almost everything & could pick my dream job in another (more adventurous life) I would be a F16 pilot. Until then, I'll just make crafts & watch other people do cool things.

+ Medical shows make me feel like I could be a surgeon- minus the fact that blood makes me want to fall over & die. Between Grey's & House, you can probably come to me for all of your medical needs. Actually, don't do that.

+ McKay & I have made it a goal to eat at home, instead of giving into our cafe rio temptations. If you have any easy recipes, send them my way, pa-lease.

+ This is mundane as usual, so see you next time.


  1. love love love your blog. & I think you're mention of Grey's is enough to persuade me to start watching it. seriously though, your blog rocks & you're so talented!

  2. love that i just found your bloggy! i think i need the recipe for that deliciousness above!

  3. My husband and I are on season 6 of house!!! its kind of the best.


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