9 weeks (& 3 days to be precise.)


When we found out about our tiny one, I created a new blog because I couldn't hold all of my thoughts in & I was still trying to keep it a secret. Luckily, I'm going to move back over to this space on the internet to share my pregnancy triumphs & woes because hey, I'd like to know all of the advice you have, new or experienced mom.

(we knew that organized posts would only last so long so here are some snippets about growing baby livingston.)

+ I am ill for the majority of the day. My safe zone is from about one in the afternoon to five. It's a balanced concoction of absolute fatigue & nausea. At 7 weeks, I called for some drugs & I was prescribed the B6 + Unisom mashup. I've never been hung over or stoned but I imagine it's very similar to the side effects of that medications. Luckily, I called my sweet OB again & they gave me the hard stuff, Zofran. I'm currently waiting for my prescription to be filled & blogging is helping me stay awake. Fingers crossed it knocks out the barf-y feelings & demand for naps- more so than I already demand.

+ I once thought that pregnancy cravings were a total myth. It was just a way to make excuses to eat weird things whenever you want without judgment. I regret ever thinking that way because SWEET MERCY, the cravings. I like to say that it's not me, it's the baby requesting weird things like steak at 10 AM or pickles at 2 in the morning or cheese all of the time. 

+ During Christmas time as a child, I thoroughly enjoyed the countdown calendars filled with goodies for each day. I feel the same way about baby apps. Every week, they tell you how big your baby is (baby is the size of a green olive this week!) & list off all of the symptoms you might be having. I try so hard not to cheat but in two weeks, baby will be the size of a plum! That is huge, especially when we first found out about our tiny one, she was only the size of a poppy seed.

+ Our first appointment is in two weeks which makes me excited & terrified because I know that blood work is normally a part of the first appointment. Oh, needles, you make me queasy.

+ Hey moms, I need tips. On anything really but especially on working out. I went to the gym relatively often before the heavy symptoms set in but now that I feel like a part time narcolept & full time hurler. The last place I want to be is the sweaty gym. Help. (Or maybe I just need someone to come get me every morning & push me around the block.)

+ I've been pin binging because baby things are CUTE. So, here's all of the things I love. (Also, I am ready to decorate the nursery, if you can't tell.)


  1. *squeal* so happy for you. I am 14 weeks and have been on Zofran since week 7! and I barfed every morning until I got it. Now I love Zofran, if it were a man, he sure would be handsome and I'd be in love! Hope that it helps you too! As for the working out I've heard that prenatal Pilates is awesome, just youtube it and there are quite a few options that try to include keagle exercises, added bonus to push out that babe! p.s. congrats again! Super duper excited for you!

  2. oh I hope it's a girl! congrats Megan!

  3. Okay, here's my schpeel from being an OBGYN nurse-
    1. Zofran will constipate the crap out of you (or in you, more accurately). Make sure you're getting lots of fluids, fiber, and fun! Which brings me to number 2.
    2. Working out during pregnancy is GREAT, in fact, it's encouraged. As long as you don't decide to train for a marathon or start lifting serious weights you should be fine. I have a friend that ran seven miles every day until her water broke. Just remember, everything should be low impact, and don't start a new, difficult routine now. I can't even run seven miles right now and I'm not pregnant! Take it easy, listen to your body.
    3. Usually, but not always, the morning sickness wears off by the second trimester. Hang in there! Eat something before you get out of bed first thing in the morning and that might help!

    CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so excited for you. Also, I'm obsessed with pregnant women so I'll probably be commenting a lot!

  4. EEEEEEK!!!!!!!! HERE COMES BABY LIVINGSTON!!!!! (: So happy for you.

  5. I'm 7 weeks along and I've found that smaller meals more often helps me with the nausea. I also have really been enjoying brisk walks- something about that fresh air makes me not feel like a bloated whale

  6. Is it weird that I loved pregnancy so much that I'm so excited to follow yours? Post often, for my sake. :) I hope the zofran works wonders on you because it saved my life! & I tried hard to work out a lot the first trimester but eventually gave up. Heck, I took a 9 month vacation from the gym and loved every second of it.

  7. I never got a prescription for my nausea, but I lost weight during the first trimester and basically slept the whole time. I promise you can do it! I ate a lot of fruit (and the cheese, oh the cheese! so much cheese.) and had a lot of slushies. i found that the homemade ones (a lime, some coconut syrup, and lots of ice) worked the best. crackers just made me gaggy. anything with coconut is great. I gave up on the gym and found that there are some sweet online prenatal pilates videos that i would put on when i could. i didn't even have to be wearing any clothes ;) the blood work gets easier (i'm a pro now, but when i had to get the Tdap vaccine a few weeks ago and when i was in L&D for my contractions i hard core passed out with the needles. so, i feel you.) and i still cheat and skip ahead with the baby apps. here's the thing: pregnancy is not glamorous, and if you feel bad that you just feel and look like garbage.... stop it. it's hard and wonderful and scary and exciting all at the same time and there were days when i'd sob to nick and tell him i couldn't handle it anymore. look forward to the second trimester and know that it's okay to complain and wear the same outfit for 3 days in a row, haha!

  8. Okay. I am instantly in love with this blog. I hopped over from Madeline's blog and I'm loving the simplicity and amazing pictures here. Congratulations on becoming a mama! The morning sickness (aka all day sickness) is rough stuff. I hope the zofran helps. As for working out, I was terrible with both my pregnancies. But getting some fresh air always seemed to help with the sickness. So try to go for a walk and puke in the bushes if you have to. Ugh. Really, I hope your sickness is short lived because pregnancy can be really fun too.

  9. haha the "i woke up like this" sweater is perfect. congrats!
    the little diary

  10. Ahhh you are going to have the most beautiful little babe!!! Once you get past the hell that is "morning" sickness (load of crap, right?!) pregnancy is awesome. I hope that passes quickly for you! I'm a HUGE proponent of working out once you hit the second trimester! It will keep a lot of aches and pains at bay. I had terrible sciatica and weight lifting and tons of walking helped. Also, continuing to exercise as much as your body will let you majorly helps your delivery and recovery, at least speaking from experience. I was lifting weights, doing Zumba, and kickboxing until the week before I delivered. I only stopped because it was pushing my body closer to labor than I was comfortable with haha. The other great thing about exercising while pregnant is it makes post partum exercise so much easier to get back in to! Your body is like "wow there's a not a 25lb basketball attached to my stomach anymore!". And of course, the exercise is great for your growing baby. Don't stress if you can't do much during your first trimester. There's plenty of time after that to keep working out! Again I'm only speaking from experience and everyone is different, but if I could only give ONE piece of advice to pregnant friends, it would definitely be exercise as much as your body can handle! It's so worth it in the end! And of course, eat as much chocolate as you want too ;)


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