all about that baby. (see what I did there?)


+ Sometime I have irrational thoughts about pregnancy such as,
- Perhaps I should stop listening to rap music, because I don't think I want our child coming out of the womb rapping like Iggy Azalea. Or maybe I do.
- Flamingos eat a massive amount of shrimp to color their feathers pink. I think I eat enough cheese that this baby might look like a block of colby jack.
Then I realize that I'm crazy & continue with my day.

+ Stats
how far along: 11 weeks & 1 day.
size: a lime which is adorable. My hormones think everything is adorable.
cravings: protein-style burgers from in-n-out.
aversions: chicken, oh sweet mercy, chicken. The thought makes me ill.
sleep: a lot of it. I demand naps but I'm starting to get my energy back which is wonderful.
other symptoms: my nausea has taken the back seat (mostly.) I had a three day stretch without any sickness but it came back with vengeance over the weekend.

+ We are so anxious to find out the gender in a few weeks. I am too high strung not to find out. Plus, shopping, right? 98% of our friends & family guess that we are having a boy. McKay is too logical to make a guess & I don't have any motherly intuition.

+ Our first appointment is this week. I'll probably cry because you know, hormones. Also, I'm sentimental.

+ For the ladies who have delivered in Utah Valley, what hospitals do you recommend to deliver at?


  1. Ah! That first appointment is so exciting. Hearing that sweet little heartbeat made me bawl. Good luck. Take some cheese.

  2. What are these protein burgers you speak of? I need anything cheese burgerish! Chicken makes me sick too, I don't know if I can ever look at it again! Good luck with the nausea, hopefully it gets better soon (not to frighten you but we're 16 weeks here and I'm still dying, crossing my fingers for you!)

  3. Whoo whoo! So exciting! Where you can deliver depends on what OB you go to, as well as your insurance. But depending on your options, I've heard AF and Orem Community are great.

  4. Yay! This is so exciting! My mom has been a labor and delivery nurse for over 30 years and has worked at UVRMC and is currently at Orem Community. I would definitely pick one of those hospitals foorrrrr suuuuurrrre!! Or AF. That's good too. But Orem is seriously really awesome. Good luck! :) Can't wait to hear what the little nugget is!

  5. Hey there, I'm just a little stalker coming along ;)
    I'm 15 weeks and I have had 2 appointments with Dr. Jones. It's Legacy OB, and I LOVE him. He's so awesome and I'll be delivering at the AF hospital. His office is like walking distance from the hospital so he's never too far. I just felt super comfortable immediately.
    That is all :)

  6. i will 2nd dr ryan jones at legacy ob in af. he is FANtastic! if we had the same insurance we did with the boys, i would be seeing him again this time. and af hospital is the best. (if you see jones, that's where he delivers anyway.) try to schedule appts for days he isn't on-call; you can ask the front desk girls when you schedule. otherwise, the dr i'm seeing this time, dr david young, has been pretty good. he's just south of af hospital at central utah in pg, weird. he delivers at timp and af, depending on your insurance. his office also does free gender us at 16wks, which is kind of awesome.
    i'm so excited for you and mckay!!!

  7. Orem Community is SO GREAT! It is such a small hospital, you really do feel like all the nurses and staff are there just for you! I had the best experience at Orem Community and I will continue to deliver there!!!

  8. This is awesome! I'm excited to see how cute that baby is!

  9. A lime! How cute! :) I'd be so anxious too! I'm worried I'll be a nervous wreck when I'm pregnant.

  10. I am backing up all the other momma's out there - Orem Community! I delivered there 8 days ago haha and I loved it (as much as you can love labor). The nurses are great. And having spent some time in Utah Valley in Provo, I really prefer Orem. The nurses are great at Utah Valley as well but they are just busier in general, so you get great attention at Orem.


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