I accidentally ate an entire bag of salt & vinegar chips. Judge me. Also it wasn't an accident.


+ all week I have tried to think of some sort of topic to blog about but as per usual, I only have a scattered collaboration of thoughts. On with it.

+ our home is covered in ivy & the leaves are turning colors which is wonderful. Does that mean I can bring out all of my pumpkin decor yet? I vote yes. (Or Christmas? I am that person, you know.)

+ you know what I think is stupid? as you go through your day & to day, you meet people. Some you want to light on fire, some you don't mind, & some you enjoy. I like to keep those whom I enjoy on my nice-human inventory so if i see you at the grocery store years later, we can say hello. However, the second you start dating someone & don't marry them (generally speaking) they get kicked off that list. It's stupid because you were probably friends first & they were on that nice person list.  I understand it, I do. Feelings are hurt & it gets weird but it's such a shame that a person who I assumed you appreciated as a person at one time or another is no longer eligible. So hey, if I once dated you & see you in Target, I'm not going to up & leave my cart. I'm going to say hello & it will be fine. Being a person is a strange thing.

+ you don't want to know the amount of dry shampoo that is living in my hair right now.

+ There is a load of laundry spinning currently & a roast in the crock pot. It's the most productive I've been in weeks.

+ thanks for all of the really wonderful pregnancy advice on my last few posts. I have been exercising more since my nausea decided to go bother someone else & I feel so  much better. I guess being healthy is a good thing.

+ secrets by mary lambert is my very favorite song right now. I think I'll blog about my secrets sometime.

+ i could not stop laughing at this.

+ I kept hearing rave reviews about American Horror Story & I just finished my last series (well, sort of. House got boring.) My horror threshold peaks at the Sixth Sense but I decided to start the first season anyway. I finished the first scene & had to stop. No thanks, no thanks, no thank you. Never again.

+ Can I join a new mom friend group in utah valley somewhere? (Or someone convince my friends to procreate. LOOKIN' AT YOU ALEXIA. Just kidding, no pressure. Well, sort of.)

+ Sometimes I think- to create a formatted blog post, just write about your day. Then I realize, it would go something like this.

I woke up today. Late, as always. In order to get to work at a decent hour, I decided to forgo doing my hair. Now I look like a homeless person but that is okay-  I did remember deodorant. You're welcome. I am working. Still working. I make hot chocolate even though it's 90 degrees outside but I am going to justify that decision because it's mid-september. I'm not the rebellious one; the weather is. I just misused that semicolon. I miss school. I am excited to go back. What for? Who knows. I do know I would like to light UVU on fire so perhaps a transfer to BYU is in store. I never thought those words would come out of my mouth. I'm bad a being a lifestyle blogger. Oh, I'm home now. Laundry or youtube. Youtube. I am pretty sure Grace & Chester are in love. I am also pretty sure I want to be invited to their wedding. I need to detach myself from social media. Oh, after instagram. So much cuteness. I actually hate when people add "ness" to the end of words. Now I'm one of them. I love so many people I don't actually know because of instagram. I just want to hug them & i'm not a hugger. I'll go to the gym now. Eeee, look at all of these people. I can't stop staring at her shoulders. I am pretty sure I don't even have that muscle on my person. If I do, I've never seen it. I'm going into the girl's section because I'm nervous. Great, it's busy in here too. I'll take this corner. Let's all not look at each other. Do things that I've see other people do: check. Now I'm on the treadmill. If I run, I am positive my breasts will fall off of my body, regardless of the two sports bras I have on. Walking at an incline is the same right? I'm sweaty. Now it's almost 11 PM. Time to pick up McKay. Our work schedules are weird but it works. Snuggle time, or something like that. Insert all of the inappropriate jokes here.

aaannndd that is why I don't blog daily.


  1. can I join that mom friend group too? Utah county here I come! (I wish)

  2. haha I love these. because well its real life!
    I would love to join the mom group as well! invite me!!! P.s. I can't wait to hear what your having!



  3. Oh PLEASE blog daily because seriously that whole last section had me majorly laughing. Also to address the post title... I absolutely did that MULTIPLE times when I was pregnant. Also I'm not fat and my baby turned out perfectly normal, so there you go. Do what you gotta do haha. Also, you seem pretty "with it" so probably you've watched this already, BUT if you haven't seen Parks and Rec you really really really need to watch it. And one final thing... I'm a new mom living in Utah Valley and I'm aaaaall about your idea. We need friends to survive this craziness!

  4. Also I wanted to congratulate you on not being nauseous anymore. That's like literally the hugest pregnancy victory.

  5. I wouldn't be sad if you did random disorganized posts on the daily. I always look forward to them. You really are such a refreshing person.

  6. p.s. If salt and vinegar chips were available here I would eat three bags in a day, and I'm not even pregnant. No shame!

  7. The yoga mat ad kills me. Always. And I love your random posts. Always.

  8. Hahahah I love you so much. This entire post is amazing.

  9. its pretty funny how much you want to be friends with other moms once you are pregnant or have a child. i must admit it feels strange now to hang out with people who aren't moms because you have nothing to talk about...pathetic but true!

  10. Dude sign me up for that utah valley pregnant friend group. I have a million thoughts swarming around then I'm overwhelmed then I'm hungry then I can't remember anything then I'm crying. So yeah that's my life right now. So glad you're feeling better!!


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