98% of our friends & family guessed that we were having a boy. I even thought we were having a boy. Mostly, I convinced myself of that because secretly I really wanted a girl. I mean, bows & polka dots for days.

We popped into our OBGYN last Monday for a gender check & our babe was being rather modest. She kept crossing her legs which was really adorable. At this point I think everything she does is adorable. She was also sleepy so she didn't want to be bothered. Our ultrasound tech was so lovely & offered me a handful of chocolate treats. This child is definitely mine because she woke right up. She bounced around & only would show us flashes of her goodies.

Though the ultrasound tech was 85% she was a she, I ended up going back in the afternoon for another check. After running stairs & drinking orange juice in hopes to make her hyper, we confirmed that we are, in fact, having a tiny girl!


General updates.

weeks: 17, on the dot! I can't even believe I'm nearly halfway through my pregnancy. WHAT.
size of the babe: A large, very adorable, onion.
cravings: eevvverrryythhinnng. My nausea is totally gone (huzzah!) & my appetite has kicked into overdrive. Steak & potatoes because I'm secretly a middle-aged man.
aversions: this is gross, but I'm going to tell you anyway. Fecal matter? I've never liked the smell, but I could handle public restrooms like a normal person. Oh, not anymore. I can't handle poop. Hopefully it will pass because babies poop occasionally (all of the time.)
movement: Maybe? I have a retroverted uterus & an anterior placenta so my insides are switched up which may make it harder for me to feel her bounce around. If I lay on my stomach, I think I may feel her or it could be gas. Okay, let's just say no thus far. A loose no.
purchases & prep: The second we found out it was a girl, I was ready to buy all of the things! Pre-knowing the gender, Lex found a killer deal on the stroller I wanted so I bought it right away. (For other moms out there, we went with the Baby Jogger City Select!) Post-knowing the gender, I did make a stop to Carter's a bought a few outfits. Baby clothes kill me, especially in newborn. They are so tiny. I went fabric shopping with Bri for a dozen projects she is helping me make (before she moves to TEXAS. I'm so upset.) Confession: I didn't know how to thread a sewing machine until over the weekend so you know, I have a ways to go before I'm a seamstress of any kind.
other things that i don't have a category for: you know what the sweetest thing in the whole world is? Oh, my husband. McKay is so excited to be dad, especially to a tiny girl. It's funny how she is sort of consuming our conversations because we are so ready to snuggle her.

most of our baby updates are posted to instagram before they are posted here. OOPS. if you care, you can find me @meglivingston.


  1. We went in at 12 weeks and the tech said she was almost positive it was a girl. I'm still a little unsure because that seems way too early to tell, but still- little girls are so fun!

  2. Oh I did the very same thing convincing myself it was a boy! I seriously think all the time how lucky I am to have gotten a girl. And not just for the bows and polka dots, although those are VERY fun :) You will be the best girl mom and I cannot wait to see that darling quilt! PS - great choice on the stroller! I bought one that wasn't a jogging stroller and I am wishing I had. One of these days I am going to sell mine and buy a new one that doubles as a jogger!


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