I think they call this a babymoon.


McKay & I decided to pack our sunny-weather clothes for a bit of a vacation before our family gets a bit bigger in the spring. I learned that if you book a cruise 4 days before it leaves, it's really, really cheap!

We drove to LA & stopped at Chuck-A-Rama on the way because we are 80 year olds. I also can't say no to a lifetime supply of scones. We ran into some car issues on the way down because our car is possessed by the devil (& maybe because it's sort of old.) Luckily, we made it to Long Beach with our sanity nearly in tact.

I've been on a handful of cruises throughout the years. Mostly because I think my dad realized it was the easiest way not to lose us on a vacation but still give us enough space from each other so we don't rip everyone into pieces. We have a very functional family. However, it was McKay's first which made me a bit nervous. The reason I prefer going on a cruise over a traditional sight-seeing vacation is because it's a place designed to do absolutely nothing at all. McKay likes to do things, unfortunately so I was hoping he wouldn't get too bored.

To our luck, we met another couple on the boat that we adored. Andrew & McKay chatted all day long about firearms, knives & things that don't have any glitter on them while Britta & I got our girl talk on.

We stopped in Catalina Island but McKay & I didn't get off the boat. We had intentions to but when we realized we had the whole ship to ourselves we decided to stay. Also, we didn't want to miss the Giants game. We listened to the game while we sat out in the sun. It was the greatest. This was also the first day that I started to feel our tiny girl moving around. TMI town, I have an anterior placenta which is like a bit of a pillow between the baby & the outside of my stomach which muffles the feeling of kicks. It's a bummer but it is the best & most out of this world experience to feel a person wiggling around- inside of your own person.
The next day we were in Ensenada, Mexico. I had been in Ensenada years before & I only remember bargaining for a terrible knock-off, pink pleather Chanel bag. Oh, the woes of a 15 year old. We decided to go into town with Britta & Andrew so we could ensure that if three of us got shanked, hopefully the last person would be able to run away fast enough for help. Ensenada isn't a place on my I'd-love-to-live-there list. The free-drugs-for-everyone pharmacies on every corner isn't really my thing but if you like cheap narcotics, you would love it. The main street is like a giant flea market filled with jewelry, mexican vanilla (YES!) & cigars. We stopped for some authentic mexican food which kick-started my now raging street taco love. I don't think I can live in Utah much longer because I can't find a good taco anywhere.
Thursday we didn't stop anywhere & spent the day at sea. We played a bit of ping pong & spent a lot of time in the sun. Andrew & McKay went to work out- who even does that on a vacation? Not I or Britta so we stayed out on the deck, sun bathing.
Friday morning we got off the boat & said goodbye to our new Orange County friends. I'm glad we have an excuse to come out to visit more often. We spent the day at Huntington Beach which might have been my very favorite thing of the entire trip (besides the food.) Since I've lived in a landlocked state for all of my life, I turn into an annoying, giddy touristy person when it comes to the beach. McKay doesn't understand it because he grew up in California. I've always thought that I would like to be a city dweller- somewhere urban like New York. Now I think I could totally be a beach town- babe? The only word that fit there was babe.
After spending the morning on the beach, I was in dire need of some tacos. Oh, sweet mercy, did we find tacos! If you are ever in the LA area & I understand that LA is huge, drive yourself down to Huntington Beach. You must, must, must try Sancho's Tacos. We went to quite a few taco places on this trip, but Sancho's was my favorite without a doubt (Honorable mention goes to Tacos El Gordo in Vegas & San Diego. Also fantastic.) Anyway, Sancho's use a crema that is so perfectly sweet which goes so well with the other spices & herbs in the tacos. I need to stop myself because I'm salivating.

Later that evening after checking into our hotel, we drove to Brea which is the cutest town ever. We went to Cha Cha's which was a recommendation from Britta & Andrew. McKay had the raspberry chipotle salmon which he said was the best salmon he ever had. I had the flautas because I demand everything fried. It was delicious. I travel the other places to eat their food.

On our way home, we stopped in Pasadena to visit a friend which was lovely.  We grabbed lunch at Little Flower. The walls were lined with perfectly packaged treats & adorable paper goods. Think Kneaders if you are from Utah. I had the chicken pesto sandwich & it was the best sandwich I have ever had. I'm not a sandwich person to begin with but if we are in Pasadena again, I would stop there for lunch.

We made it home by some sort of a miracle because we found out that our car had a bit of a mishap on the way to California. We are (currently) replacing the head gasket which means to a mechanically-incompetent person like myself, expensive & a blessing that we made it all the way back to Utah valley. I told McKay we were granted that miracle because the big guy upstairs knew how badly I needed a vacation.


  1. We went on that same cruise...and now I'm craving tacos

  2. When we went on that same cruise on our honeymoon our car suddenly started making noises. I started crying not because of potential expensive car repairs but because I didn't want to miss our cruise (it was also 4 am and I was quite emotional and distressed after our all night drive). So we pulled over in Baker and decided to stay the night there. When we got home (after surprisingly making it to our cruise) we took it into the shop and turns out the head gaskets were leaking. While they were fixing it we decided to replace a couple of more parts to make sure the engine is in top notch state. Those darn head gaskets are soo expensive. They cost you an arm and a leg, so I totally feel ya.

  3. cutest pictures ever. glad you had a good last - vacay together!

  4. you are the cutest!! so glad i found your blog!!



  5. This sounds absolutely delightful. My husband and I haven't been on a vacation with just ourselves since our honeymoon, so I am thinking we might have to do something like this.

  6. We went on that cruise about a year and a half ago and the only place that I found with almost just as yummy street tacos as Mexico is at Rubio's!!!Ahhhh so good! Jake went on his mission to mexico and he says its one of the closest authentic Mexican/American places! Yum!

  7. Oh I love this and I literally laughed out loud when you said but if you like cheap narcotics, you would love it. HAHA. still laughing! So cute.

  8. Awe, this looks so fun! Out of curiosity, how much do cruises cost if you book them 4 days before they leave? (Possibly needing a mega-vacation LOL)

    1. The lowest price was $129 per person for an interior room. We upgraded to a room with a window which (if I remember correctly) was $175 per person. There are other fees along the way, such as gratuity. You can tip on the cruise or you can just include in upon booking which I would recommend. It's a bit higher than your regular tip but it's easier than carrying around a wad of cash. There are always upgrades along the way (such as, McKay & I purchased an unlimited soda card) but if you were to do a bare bones, no frills purchase, I bet you could book a 4 night Carnival cruise out of LA for under $400 for two people.
      They can be even cheaper out of Miami & I prefer Caribbean cruises anyway, but the flight cost from the west coast is pretty pricey. If you have any other questions, ask away!

    2. awesome! thanks for getting back! if all other summer plans fall through, we might have to do one of these! is the food on the boat free? or how does that work?

  9. Where did you get that adorable swimsuit? I just stumbled across your cute blog!


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