21 weeks.


Technically, I'll be 21 weeks on Monday so I'm rounding. A+ from all of my past math teachers.

size: since I am rounding, she is somewhere between a banana & pomegranate. She's a banpom.
cravings: Everything. I am always hungry & when I do get a craving, there's no stopping me.
aversions: Not a thing! Well, normal gross things like seafood & mustard but that applies when I'm not crafting a person.
movement: YES, YES, YES! I knew that feeling her move would be prolonged compared to other pregnancies because she decided to set up shop behind the placenta, instead of in front of it which often muffles feeling wiggles. I started to feel her while we were on vacation, but now I can feel her bounce around consistently. We hang out & have girl talk between 5 & 7 every evening. McKay hasn't felt her yet but our OB said her kicks will be a bit stronger in the next few weeks so he can join the party too.
sleep? generally fine. I use "fine" rather loosely. I sleep like a baby if it's under 65 degrees & if I remember not to eat after 9. I'm going to over-share, so prepare yourself. I've noticed if I eat after 9, I have the wwwoooorrsttt (extra letters for dramatic effect) gas pains which keeps me up at night. So, there's that.
hormones: I decided to call this category "hormones" instead of "how crazy are you?" The answer is crazy. In fact, I had to take a step back this week & wonder if I should be medicated. If I'm fed & well-rested, I'm just fine but the other times I'm crying, probably. It's fine. McKay & I are pointing fingers at our daughter. (#badparenting.)
stretch marks, weight gain & showing: I'm 5'9'' so I knew that I probably wouldn't show quickly. If I'm wearing tighter-fitting clothes (& a "hi, i'm pregnant" sign) I am showing if you squint. We had an appointment this last week & thus far, I've gained 5 pounds & a few stretch marks. I have faint pink lines on my hips (because my body is trying to DIY birthing hips, i think.)
purchases & prep: oh, somehow her wardrobe keeps growing. I have no idea how that is happening. I (mostly Bri) have finished up the majority of the sewing projects. (Photo above: those flamingos kill me. Also, that is her carseat cover in the making.) Bri gifted us a baby bath & it is probably embarrassing how excited I am about it. We have yet to refinish her dresser. It's sitting in our garage, along with another piece of furniture that is in need of some loving. I would love to have her nursery done by Christmas because I'm running out of corners to stash her things.
happy, sad & other things: this baby is all-consuming & we are soaking up every minute. One of my long time, close friends called me this week to chat, as old friends do. She just got back from serving an 18 month mission for our church & I'm married, pregnant (& barefoot in the kitchen.) We went to preschool together, now we are grown humans. Sometimes I think I'm not old enough to be a mom, but I hear if you fake it, 'til you make it you'll be fine.  I feel like I had to grow up rather quickly when my mom passed away when I was 11 but I also feel like I've turned out okay. I'm happy, so that should count for something. I got through dating, first love, heartbreak, moving out, college, getting married & a list of other life milestones without feeling totally lost & stranded without my mom, but becoming a mom is a new level of milestones. A brand new, no instructions, exhilarating & terrifying level. If I had a "turn back time, lunch with mom" card, I think I would play it now.


  1. oh man i always am laughing at your blog because you are hilarious but that last paragraph i was almost tearing up. im so sorry you lost your mom. but i promise, faking it til you make it does work. oh, and you will have some extra special motherly help from the other side, i would assume :)

  2. So excited for you and the fact that you finally shared a 'bump' picture! How cute are you! I seriously miss being pregnant so its so nice to hear your little stories and experiences. I totally feel you on already shopping excessively for baby girl. If there's one thing someone would've told me is that skip the cute newborn onesies and pants and get plenty of sleepers! They are so much easier and cozier. Get all the cutesy dress up stuff in 3mo :) She'll grow into it sooner than you know!

  3. Last paragraph... I believe in you Meg! You've got a big group of support from all these people who you may not even know; but all of us are cheering for you, lil mama! (:

  4. Absolutely love this post- didn't help the baby hunger though! You are too cute...and hilarous. Laughing out loud at the office probably isn't the best idea :) So fun! Can't wait to see more of the prego pics to come!

  5. Oh my! You're really glowing right on your 16th week. You carry pregnancy so well. I'm so excited to see more of your future updates. Thank you so much for sharing that Q&A! I wish you and your baby the best of health! Take care!

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