it's 18 degrees so I'm wearing my husbands sweater. i don't hate it.


+ I think people who like decorations get a bad rap. Sure there are things that I do consider more important but I do like a nicely hung garland. Sue me.

+ This next statement is going to be poorly placed following the previous thought but there is something really therapeutic about organizing pinterest boards. It gives me the same satisfaction as folding towels.

+ a fatty thank you & cupcake to those who suggested H&M maternity pants. I don't know why I haven't been wearing these for my whole life. My muffin top was really upset she had to leave the party.

+ I don't have any normal hobbies. Baking, I guess. Sugar is normal. However, I sure have been loving the kick off of this holiday season because event coordinating is one of my very favorite things to do. My desk is cluttered with lists of appetizer ideas, font print ups & mock menus. Hear, hear to party season!

+ My friend made me (absolute force, i'm telling you) try veggie straws. They are delicious & taste like pringles.


  1. veggie straws ftw. also i'm tired of being disappointed by pinterest recipes. if you have any that worked that you love, please send a sista some link. although i did make the "christmas crack" and it's pretty good. is the above picture your house? because it is beautiful.

  2. Here are some of my favorites!

    & oh, no. It's my grandma's home! Someday I hope to have a gorgeous kitchen! #poorcollegestudent

  3. veggie straws are addicting!! and knowing that H&M has maternity pants just changed my life. thank you!

    xoxo, kiely

  4. I LIVED in h and m maternity pants when preggo! the best!

  5. oh veggie straws. love. and that kitchen and decor and those decorations.

  6. your grandma better watch out b/c i'm moving into her kitchen.

  7. Okayyyy. Where did you get the garlands? If you made them, you should definitely do a tutorial. Love this post!

    1. For real! How did you make them? I've been searching everywhere and they're so dang expensive

  8. OK. that is not even how it happened. You said "what do those taste like?" and I said "Delicious" and then you stole one off my plate.


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