things I like more than other things.


October has been a particularly lovely month so there's not a better way to express that than an unorganized list.

+ All things not spooky affiliated with Halloween. I do not like scary things & I don't believe anyone actually likes being scared. If you say that you do, I think you're full of crap. No one wants to accidentally soil the undies, okay? No one. The only applicable & appropriate time to pretend that you want to watch a terrifying movie or walk through ghost-invested places, is when you are a lady craving some snuggling. 17 year old me: "Oh, cute boy, I'm so scared, hold my hand." Golden. Now that I have an unlimited amount of snuggles, I don't need to pee all over myself & my date for the sake of some lovin'. That was an unexpected tangent. I should have started out with this: I like halloween treats, pumpkin-spice everything, comical or cute costumes, & Hocus Pocus. I wasn't planning on dressing up this year, because McKay had to work & most of the adults in my family opted out of costumes. I decided last minute that I would be a fawn (or Beyonce's spirit animal as one person said.) It was the easiest & cheapest costume I've ever whipped up. I made some felt ears & used my regular makeup collection. My niece & nephew had no idea what I was because you know, "I didn't have any antlers."

+ Not teenagers. This only applies to stereotypical A-hole teenagers. The ones that stole my really cute pumpkins off of my porch. You guys suck. Also, the flock of 17 year olds trick or treating- you guys are also the worst. If you come to my door, I'm going to give you college applications or socks.

+ Not grocery shopping. That's what I am suppose to be doing right now.

+ Baseball. I'm not even joking. I know I once said that I pretend to like baseball because I was trying to woo my husband but I actually do like baseball now. Brainwashing- that is probably the answer. I have been following the Giants for most of the season because you know, McKay loves them & marriage is about compromise. McKay probably knows more about cosmetics than most of your girlfriends & I know a minimal amount about baseball but I do try to give a valiant effort. Marriage- it's working for us. I even bought a Giants shirt in the spring to show my commitment. Somehow, throughout learning more about the players & following the games, I found my hairs turning gray watching the last game in the World Series against the Royals. I screamed & danced after the ending of the 9th inning. That's when I realized that I do like baseball & McKay is so pleased.

+ The christmas section at target. The christmas section anywhere, really. You better believe that I'm that person that sets up my tree weeks before Thanksgiving.

+ Gilmore Girls. I didn't watch Gilmore Girls growing up. In elementary school, I would carpool home with my friend Carrie & she would watch it after school. I would eat my snack & not have a clue what was going on because I was already 3 seasons late by the 6th grade. Someone kiss Netflix for me because they released all of the seasons & you better believe I'm binging.

+ Fall programming. I shouldn't admit how much TV I watch. I don't even have cable but somehow I rack up a dozen shows I need to watch weekly via Hulu. Include Parenthood, the Shonda trilogy (Grey's, Scandal & How To Get Away With Murder,) The Mindy Project, New Girl, Blacklist, Bad Judge (how I've missed you Addison), America's Next Top Model- shut up, & probably a handful of others because I have a problem. Bless fall programming.

+ Babies on instagram. Everyone is pregnant or just had a baby & I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

+ T Swift. I haven't been an avid t-swifter but her new CD is everything to me. Do I sound 15? You're welcome. I am. Bad Blood is my favorite, along with Blank Space. Along with the whole CD.

It's almost 11 PM & I have yet to go grocery shopping. Plus Winco on Saturday nights is like Vegas over Spring Break- crowded & hot. I was going to say full of moms but I don't think that's accurate. Maybe becoming moms, if ya know what I mean. This is beside the point- or maybe exactly the point, because my blog is aimless. See you the next time I decide to tell you about things that hold great significant. Go to cafe rio this week because I bet you have forgotten how good the sweet pork is.

PS. I'm double-posting so that means you probably won't hear from my until Christmas.

PSS. Netflix is down. That is the real reason I'm blogging & not watching Gilmore Girls.


  1. That TV list is on poiiinnnt. That's my life right there. I started watching Bad Judge, too! It's pretty stupid and pointless and yet, I've watched every episode. It's fine. You should add "Manhattan Love Story" to that list. It's with Analeigh Tipton (the winner of ANTM a couple seasons ago!) and its a cheesy dumb romantic comedy. It's great. Okay, the end.

  2. I've already watched like three seasons of Gilmore Girls! And don't worry you're not the only one watching AMNTM...See, I even know the acronym.

  3. Gilmore Girls is my faaaavorite!

  4. I'm glad I'm no the only one who watches a ton of T.V. It's a good thing I have a toddler thought, cause otherwise I would spend all day watching the tube. Now I only get about 2 hours during nap time to watch as much netfilx as I can. haha

  5. Maybe this is a weird question-- but what commenting system are you using?

    1. Bloggers platform. Just the generic one.


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