+ This morning we had our anatomy scan, which admittedly, I was nervous for. I didn't want to go into the appointment with the fear that something could be wrong but this was the time that if something wasn't going well, we would find out. The last time we saw our babe was 10 weeks ago & she was was itty bitty. Avocado sized, according to my baby-to-food-size app. I was so anxious to see her, especially now that she is almost 2 pounds & just over a foot long. I made myself cozy (sort of cozy) on the table, & held McKay's hand. Ultrasounds are my favorite. If I had an obscene amount of money, I'd buy my very own tricked out machine. Along with a snow cone maker. That is neither here nor there. Our ultrasound tech was wonderful & it was incredible to see that our baby looks like an actual baby. At our gender check ultrasound at 16 weeks, our little lady crossed her legs at the ankles like a ballerina & she was doing that again this morning. SO CUTE. I really don't have any other words to put it eloquently. It's just so cute that she likes doing that. It's her thing. She has things, because she is a person. My person. I know I'm going to be a melt-at-all-of-the-things kind of mom because I already am. She is healthy, growing & her parts are in order. We are so grateful & love her so much. I am getting emotional. Let's talk about something less adorable, like back pain.

+ I have been blessed this pregnancy because even though the first trimester came with its woes, the second trimester has been great. This last week has been the first time that I actually felt pregnant. I was laying on the floor by the heater, like i normally do (also like a cat normally would do), & I tried to get up which was surprisingly harder than I anticipated. The lower back pain is real, especially if I've been standing or walking most of the day. Other than my general "I'm happy, now I'm crying, now I'm peeved, oh I'm crying again" phase of emotions- poor mckay- I quite like pregnancy. (Next time I do an update I'll probably be 35 weeks & saying get this child out of me, but until then, I feel good.)

+ I keep buying baby clothes because something inside of me can't say no to polka dot everything. That's my daughter probably.

+ Let's talk about names. Choosing a name for a person feels like a big deal that warrants a ceremony or something. Sort of like the queen of the hospital comes & dubs each child with the appropriate name. That would be easier. I've decided on a name but McKay isn't a fan. I'm going to try the "call her by the name you love until your spouse accidentally starts calling her that by accident" plan that worked for Madeline. It's brilliant. I'll keep you posted.

+ Some stats & facts.
stretch marks: yes, but nothing too extraordinary. Generally non-offensive pink lines on my hips. I anticipate it getting crazy all of the places.
weight gain: yes, 10 pounds which is feel like has all gone to my face but let's not talk about it.
cravings/aversions: my appetite has leveled out which is nice. Oranges but I've always loved oranges near Christmas time. Oh & steak but that is always, pregnant or not pregnant.
purchases & prep: I'm nesting. I'm nesting everywhere I go & can't be stopped. I have the sudden urge to finish all of the interior design projects I've been meaning to execute & fix all of the weird kinks around the house.
movement: yes, yes, yes! I love feeling her wiggles. It's like we are hanging out, watching gilmore girls, & eating mandarin oranges when she is awake.

+ I can't believe that the third & last trimester begins in 2 weeks. I feel like I need to pack my hospital bag already. I know that's crazy. I won't. Maybe tomorrow but not today. Speaking of hospital bags, what are some items that you loved bringing with you & some things that aren't so necessary? Tell me all of the things.


  1. Okay let's talk about how much I'm loving these frequent blog posts.. Also let's talk about how amazing you look! So hospital bag. I'm POSITIVE you will be with me on this one.. The best best best thing I brought to the hospital was all of my makeup, hair stuff and nail polish. Call me a diva, but when you kind of feel a little gross and blah in the hospital during all of recovery it's the greatest pick me up to get ready and feel pretty because your baby sleeps 95% of the time and you are pretty much just resting. Trust me on that one.

  2. Ahh I can't wait for you to be a mama!

  3. holy crap you just made me so baby hungry.

  4. I'm with Madeline! You will definitely need those girly things to keep you sane. I like waaaayy over-packed (it's my nature, I had to haha) and didn't touch anything. I used comfy clothes, my good shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, and cosmetics really! We brought Archer's whole diaper bag and you don't need to but an outfit or two. They supply all the diapers and blankets :) plus whatever you need will most likely be a 10-20 minute drive for your hubby to grab it for ya;) so don't worry or stress too much!

  5. -but look how perfect your hair color is. like, please take a second and observe that.
    -also, excited to hear your name! hearing what people name their babies is like, opening a present. AKA FILLED WITH JOY.


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