+ even though I took last week off from work, I feel like I need another vacation specifically for napping because thanksgiving week was busy. I'm a little turkey-hungover.

+ i'm a planner. I love lists, check boxes & all things color coded but I decided not to be a crazy person this year for my birthday. I didn't make any plans at all. McKay had to work in the morning so I made it a fighting goal to sleep in. The more pregnant I become, the earlier I wake up but I told my little one to take a chill pill because I was ready & willing to sleep until 10 AM. I lounged the majority of the afternoon, filled with giving in to every craving & watching Gilmore Girls. In the evening, we went to The Cheesecake Factory with some of my friends & family. The lemoncello cream torte has my heart- along with the stuffed chicken tortillas, & steak. All of the things, really. I grabbed a few new bath bombs from Lush & headed off to see Mockingjay. It was a lovely, relaxing day. Here's to being 22!

+ Even though I do enjoy a hardy baking session, I wasn't willing to defile my kitchen on my birthday which happened to be the day before thanksgiving. Not this year anyway. I ordered pies from Kneaders & picked up my favorite rolls from the grocery store. Gourmet, people. *Note: the raspberry cream cheese pie is the best. The lemon truffle was also excellent. Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite because hello, mashed potatoes & sweet potatoes. All of the potatoes. I am still learning to pace myself when eating because apparently there is a person within my person that is cramping the real estate for pie. In short, I made myself rather ill for the later portion of the day. Oops.

+ It's a tradition in our family to go shopping on Black Friday (& Black Thursday) shopping. I know, i know, a lot of people get their panties bunched over the subject but hey, I'm not going to run someone over for a $4 movie or shank the lady next to me for cheap Tupperware. We shop with the rest of the lunatics because it's good fun. We managed to successfully not die in Walmart, Target, Kohls  & the Lehi outlets before midnight. It was surprisingly less chaotic than previous years. Somehow I walked away with a bag full of baby clothes. I have no idea how that happened.

+ I'm in full blown nesting mode but I also request naps often which is sort of a dangerous combination. I emptied all of the cabinets in our kitchen in hopes to organize my spices & cupcake liners. Too bad I nearly fell asleep on the kitchen floor before finishing.

+ General announcement: the dollar sign comes before the amount. Again, the dollar sign comes before the amount. If I see "67$" one more time, I'm going to lose it.

+ I almost bought a christmas tree for the nursery for my unborn child. I stopped myself, don't worry. (I totally have a color scheme for her tree next year though. She will love Christmas. She will.)


  1. lush bath bombs ftw. have you tried their bubble bars? sounds like your birthday was a sucess with cheesecake factory!

  2. I will personally fund the public service announcement about the dollar sign. Also, when I become mayor, my first order of business will be to incarcerate everyone who does not follow the dollar sign rule.


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