3 1 W E E K S .


I can't even believe that I am already 31 weeks. This pregnancy has gone by so quickly which I'm grateful for but I am feeling a touch of panic. I'd like to say those are my hormones.

We spent a lot of the weekend working on her nursery which has put my nerves at ease. For years, before this tiny person was a thought, I would have recurring dreams about having a baby & being totally unprepared. I'm doing my best not to let that happen. The crib is assembled & the decor is slowly coming together.

happy moment: we have a hiccup-er on our hands. She gets the hiccups multiple times a day, almost every day. It's spastic & adorable. It's especially wonderful when McKay gets to feel her little twitches. It's such a normal mannerism which makes her feel more like a person, instead of an alien.

less than glamorous moment: I clogged the toilet. That is the sort of thing that I probably shouldn't put on the internet but you should know, I am so grateful for the opportunity to clog any toilet. #pregnancyconstipationisreal. I'm not an idiot. We own a plunger. I know these things. After attempting to fix the mishap without success, I stood in the hallway sobbing. I was shedding tears because I clogged the toilet. So you know, I have my days. My poor husband. THIS IS REAL LIFE.

Baby is the size of a pineapple this week. I bought one so I could take a really adorable & typical instagram photo, but I (not so) accidentally ate it.

I'm hoping for heartburn because it's associated with baby hair growth. I had to ask Bri what heartburn feels like, & she gave me eyes that said, "you would know." Baby girl will probably be bald. Bows for life.

When someone asks how I am feeling, a lot of the time I respond with a simple, "pregnant." Too bad that implies that I feel generally uncomfortable. I feel relatively guilty for how great I do feel. If I spend the day walking around, I will have back pain but nothing that a nice bath (& book) can't fix. Other than that, I'm without symptoms & most nights, I sleep well. I feel quite blessed for not wanting to throw up every day or feel like my body is going to break in half.

We are getting anxious for the restless nights & mornings spent snuggling our tiny person. She may be named "tiny person" because we can't settle on a name. HELP. We have a very specific taste in names & a list of rules it must comply with. In fact, I e-mailed a professional baby-namer. That's a thing. Feel free to name our child. No weird spellings or "Utah" names allowed. See here for reference.


  1. I feel guilty when people ask how I'm feeling and I say great. Another lady in our ward is pregnant and it is a killer for her, while I'm skipping around in high heels and loving every second being pregnant. I'm one week behind you in pregnancy so I must admit I am super excited to hear of your journey since we are right around the same time! Hooray for March babies!!! :)
    Also you are looking beautiful!!!!

  2. Josee Livingston has a nice ring to it 😏

  3. I'm looking back at how difficult it was to figure out a name. We finally decided during dinner at a mexican restaurant. It's absolutely fitting - amazing how that works out! Her middle name on the other hand... we still didn't have that until a week after she was born! Don't fret! You'll figure it out and it will be perfect ;)

  4. What are your naming preferences? I'm curious. Finding a name is fun although the novelty wears off quickly when you realise they might show up sooner rather than later. That said you could choose one and change your mind when you see her. We had settled on a name and still deliberated for a while after he arrived, though boy was premie so we were slightly shocked into deciding. Ahhh babyhaving is marvellous

  5. Names are hard. It took us forever to come up with a boy name! And who knows, it could change by the time he makes his debut in April.


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