3 4 W E E K S .


+ size & an anecdote.
I became friends with Bri the summer before my senior year of high school. She lived in my neighborhood & also happened to hold a calling in my church to teach the girls my age. I was a flamboyant teen, she was a newlywed & most people thought it was weird that we were such good friends. I'm not trying to make this sound like a love story but it is, sort of. In a totally normal way. We watched The Bachelor on Monday nights & we've been the best of friends since then. It also worked out nicely because I married her brother.
We have basically waiting our whole lives (5 years is a lifetime, you know) to be pregnant at the same time. Separated twins, if you may. Good news, we are both pregnant with tiny baby girls! Her little one will be born 3 month after ours. It's fate & yes, we are buying matching outfits.
Every Sunday, my father in law asks us the produce report because we are growing fruits & vegetables, depending on the week. Our babe is the size of a butternut squash & Bri's tiny girl is mango-sized.
So, there you have it. An overly long story on our produce report.

+ the naming game.
Oh, thank you so much for all of the naming-insight. We do currently have a name in mind but I think we will end up choosing at the hospital once we meet her.

+ she's tiny, happy & getting evicted sooner than later.
This story is the biggest update & I should probably put first in this post but if you've gotten this far, surprise! Here's some relatively large news: we are having this baby way sooner than anticipated. Yesterday, we had our 34 week appointment which I anticipated to be brief & uninformative, as per usual. The doctor was pleased with her heartbeat & proceeded to measure her growth. He measured & re-measured. After he quizzically asked how tall I was, I knew something weird was going on.  He suggested that we have another ultrasound to ensure that she was growing properly as soon as possible which to our surprise wasn't until next Friday.
To spare you the dismal details, we ended up switching to a new OBGYN at this point. After finalizing some insurance kinks, switching to our preferred hospital to deliver at & being generally unhappy with our original office, we were happy to move.
I was delighted when I called to schedule a growth ultrasound & they were able to fit us in this morning. I was noticeably anxious & McKay was very sweet as we arrived to our appointment. The ultrasound tech started measuring. Our little one looked so cozy & sleepy. After weeks of being stubborn, she is finally head down which was great news.
"She has hair! Lots of hair!" We were told that a lot of babies have peach fuzz, but the ultrasound doesn't pick it up so in order to see hair, she has to have a fair amount of it. BOWS. That was my first thought. I was terribly bald for years. We were both hoping she would have hair, like McKay did. I admittedly felt incredibly emotional about my hairy baby. We were so happy.
I watched the screen closely as she continued to measure. I noticed that a lot of her measurements had a tiny "29w2d" or something along those lines attached to each photo. My medical knowledge is limited to everything I've heard from my nurse, mother-in-law or Grey's. I was smart enough to know that she is little. The ultrasound tech said she looks perfectly healthy, just tiny. She finished checking my fluids & went to get the doctor.
I was still thinking about her hair when the doctor came in. He was bouncy & pleasant. He said that my fluids look lovely, which indicates she is a happy baby & isn't in any distress. Simply, she is small (14th percentile small.) He said that her lungs look perfectly developed, almost as if she was planning to make an entrance early.
He continued to say that it would be more beneficial for her to gain weight here vs. cooking in the womb. It made me feel better to hear that she is completely healthy & small babies aren't uncommon. Some moms just craft little babies. McKay asked when is it likely to be induced & we were told between 37 & 38 weeks, which would be the last week of this month or the first of March. (AH!)
I am going to assume we will have an induction date by next Wednesday. We are meeting with the perinatologist this coming week to ensure that delivering early is in the best interest of our little one. After another follow up appointment with our doctor next week, we should know when to plan on partying with this little one.
I feel oddly content about her arrival being sooner than anticipated. We are nearly done with all of the prep, minus the few things we need to pick up at target & a fatty box of diapers/wipes from Costco. I anticipate my nesting to kick into full force the next few weeks to finish the last few projects on my list.
It looks like McKay may be getting a baby girl for his birthday this year!

+ minimal symptoms.

My pregnancy symptoms have been relatively mild which I've been grateful for. I have noticed some serious fatigue the last few days which I haven't felt since my first trimester. I'm back to demanding naps on the daily. My sleep is also starting to get real weird. I consistently wake up at 2 AM & 5 AM every night, even if I don't need to pee. I anticipated my sleep schedule to be mangled in preparation for nursing but the particularly bizarre thing is that I feel well rested even when I wake up in the middle of the night.
I'm emotional. More so than normal. I am a little bit nervous about my hormones adjusting after birth because they are so out of whack right now. Bless my poor husband.

+ weight gain, stretch marks & other unexpected changes.
I'm sitting at an extra 20 pounds right now which I think is relatively normal. I large portion of that weight has made a fluffy rim around my face & the the remaining has set up camp in my boobs. So, great. A lot of women would mean that in a "LOOK HOW GREAT THIS IS!" kind of way but I've always been busty so now it's just outrageous. I've left letters & entered symbols. I'm probably a 34%$&*%^.  Hopefully they will be great milkers- that's what my niece & nephew calls them.
I haven't gained any more stretch marks, other than the ones on my hips. The body goes through some serious changes while housing another person. Sometimes it's a little weird but ultimately, it's incredible what our bodies can do.

+ showered & gold garlands.
This entire post isn't in chronological order. Oops. The end of the last month, Lex & Bri ever so kindly threw a bit of a party for our little one. It was perfection & I am so sad I didn't take a million photos. My heart swoons for a hardy black & white stripe, a healthy dose of gold & accents of mint & coral. I was so overwhelmed with lovely people & I'm socially awkward. Thank you to those who stopped by to celebrate. Our little person is so lucky to be surrounded by the best humans.


  1. My baby measures small the whole time. More like the 10th percentile. I only got induced a week early but for some reason they freak out about small babies. I just happened to make a small baby too...but they sure are sweet and outrageously tiny and cuddly, and I love t. It's just funny because your whole story reminded me so much of my first pregnancy! That's kinda fun you get to meet your girl (with hair !!) so soon!

  2. You're darling, and your little one will be too. Congrats on her being so healthy and ambitious to be born! (:

  3. This is so awesome! I love seeing things going so well for you! My baby was little too, same percentile and when we left the hospital he was 5lbs 11 oz. You can do it!!

  4. Hooray for tiny, healthy and hairy babies. Gordon was only 3 13 and he was home 10days (longer than I thought even though I knew he would be in special care) later weighing 4,6. tiny babies thrive, you can really see it. Good luck with the induction, neonatal and the madness of tiny baby parenthood. ITV ts its own special type of greatness.

    Ps. Its ok to feel overwhelmed. It's overwhelming.

  5. I'm currently 27 weeks with a baby girl and I love reading up on other people's pregnancy experiences. I'm sure she's going to be healthy and beautiful!

  6. babies with tons of hair are the cutest! can't wait to see cute pictures of your babe!


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