3 7 W E E K S


+ keep cooking, little one.
In the last pregnancy update, I mentioned that our OB had some concerns about baby girl's growth (or the lack of.) We met with a perinatologist last week for a growth scan to ensure that she is cooking properly. After another confirmation that she has hair (EEEEEE,) the specialist said that she is not actually as small as we once thought. She's in the 20th percentile for weight & we shouldn't be concerned unless she drops below the 10th. With that said, it doesn't look like I'll be induced, unless I she refuses to come on her own after 40 weeks. That sort of broke my planning-heart, but I know that going into labor on my own is preferable.

+ kick counts & a NST.
After our OB received the results from our appointment with Maternal Fetal Medicine, they advised that I thoroughly monitor her movements. If she was to fail meeting the kick markers, I needed to go into Labor & Delivery for a Non-Stress Test.  On Wednesday, I was feeling weird which could have been blamed for making the bad choice to take a nap at 5 PM. Her movements had been rather lethargic for the better portion of the day which was concerning. I've tried to remain level-headed for the majority of my pregnancy because my natural instinct is to freak out. I started one round of kick counting after dinner which little success. After the 2nd hour, I decided to put on pants & take myself to the hospital. Since McKay was at work, Bri filled in as my proxy husband. I think often times she gets mistaken for my lesbian lover because she often comes to me to baby appointments. It's fine. The nurse monitored baby girl for just over an hour & sent me home without concerns. It was so nice to hear the rhythm of her heartbeat. I think she is getting chubby & is running out of room to be spastic. Come baby, come.

+ checking of the bits.
Along with moving to weekly appointments, the doctors get to poke around in the netherlands to check out what is going on. What good fun. When I saw my OB last, I was 36 weeks & 2 days pregnant so I didn't have high hopes of being dilated. Especially since I've only had one notable contraction. To my surprise, I am dilated to 1 cm & 80% effaced! Sure, I could sit at these measurements until I'm 100 years pregnant but it could also mean that I may go into labor sooner than later. I'm pretty excited about it.

+ fears & triumphs.
I think it's normal to be stressed & elated at the same time about preparing for a baby. Though I have a laundry list of things to do, if she decided to come this afternoon, we would be prepared. I mean, the cookie sheet dividers don't really need to be organized, right? I'm oddly surprised with myself because I am rather content about the idea of labor & delivery. It's out of my character. Remember how I like to freak out? My pain threshold maxes out at a paper cut so I probably should be semi-concerned about labor. Whatever the case may be, I'm excited for the entire birthing experience. On the other hand, I am feeling stressed about nursing. Ideally, I would like to breastfeed exclusively. I also know that nursing doesn't always come easily. I suppose we will figure it out together. Chapped nipples & all.

+ general stats that I may want to remember for my next pregnancy.
currently: 36 weeks & 5 days. (Yeah, yeah, I rounded up.)
gender: a girl, a girl, a girl!
size: that's a good question. 10 days ago, she was just over 5 pounds. In the last week, I feel like she has doubled in size so I'm curious to know what she will be measuring at our follow up growth scan next week.
sleep: I get a lot of it & not enough of it all at the same time. It's pretty incredible what you body will start doing in order to prep for middle of the night feedings. I wake up multiple times a night, sometimes to pee, sometimes to make a sandwich, but I still feel well rested. I think that crafting a baby has maimed McKay's sleep more than mine. I guess when a baby shoves her feet in your lungs, you snore & weeze. & turn into an 80 year old man.
weight gain: HA. I've been behind on weight gain my entire pregnancy but managed to make it all up this last month. I've gained just over 25 pounds thus far. It's a good look.
contractions: one. one glorious contraction.
in or out: I have an abnormally deep belly button. In forever. I would have to get pregnant with sextuplets to achieve an outtie. 
stretch marks & other bodily changes: you betcha. I haven't had any new-comers. Just the originals on my hips. I'm leaking, which is also exciting. I'm a milk factory, people. These are the things that I think others advise me not to share online. OOPS. Real life (gross, TMI, but I'm telling you anyway) update: I lost my mucus plug this afternoon. I know that's about as reliable as a fortune cookie but I'm crossing my fingers.
what i'll miss: her wiggles & hiccups.
what i can do without: feeling fine one moment, then the following second becomes a life or death, I'm going to pee all over you if you don't move kind of moment.

+ same outfit, different day.
I knew early on in my pregnancy that I needed maternity jeans right away. I've carried her so low that the second I knew I was pregnant, buttons popped off of my jeans. I ordered a few pairs of H&M maternity jeans & I could kiss them because they are wonderful. People tell you to do or not to do a lot of things while you are pregnant. Everyone kept telling me to just buy maternity clothes. Do it now. Just do it. They over priced & ugly but do it anyway. I didn't. I thought I could keep wearing my regular tops. Now I'm in this terrible stage where I own 2 maternity tops but I feel like since I'm almost finished with pregnancy, it would be a waste to purchase anymore. So, here we are, if you see me in the same outfit for 18 days in a row. That's why.


  1. You are so close to that finish line! I have to keep telling myself that at 33.5 weeks... Haha.

  2. Ah you are so close!!!! If it makes you feel any better I was dilated to a 1 and 80% and lost my mucus plug and had my babe like 1 or 2 days later! i'm so excited so see your sweet little girl!


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