+ Missy Elliott. On Sunday, the boys sunk into the basement for some sort of sporting event & the ladies stayed upstairs to chat/eat all of the food. To my surprise, Miss Elliott showed up during halftime & I will never miss a Superbowl again just in case she decides to make another appearance. If are under the age of 20, go home. I was twerking to Missy in the 8th grade before twerking was a thing. It wasn't cute but I LOVE MYSELF SOME EARLY 2000'S HIP HOP.

+ The Imitation Game. Movie theaters are sort of my worst nightmare. I should stop diagnosing myself with diseases but I certainly match the description of someone who has misophonia. The whispering, the popcorn crunching- I can't. Like the white girls say, I JUST CAN'T. McKay loves movies & I love McKay so I pack my straitjacket & we go out. I was given the choice between 3 war movies & I intentionally chose the shortest. It was a surprisingly fantastic choice because The Imitation Game was wonderful. It's being relatively overshadowed by Unbroken & American Sniper because both are getting such rave reviews & publicity. (I have intentions to see both, in the comfort of my own, quiet, home.) Benedict Cumberbatch's performance was spot on, along with Keira Knightley's. Go see it. You'll like it, even if you would rather be watching a rom-com.

+ Cinnamon Toast Crunch. My child loves it. Blame everything on the child.

+ My child. We sure like hanging out. She loves her daily dose of hiccups & catching up on the Shonda trilogy. (I shouldn't have to explain that but I will if you are new. Grey's + Scandal + How to Get Away with Murder.)

+ This article defending all moms, even the crafty, instagram-able ones.

+Wearing the same shirt for as long as I can, in as many different social settings as possible. I'm efficient. & disgusting.

+ These BBQ glazed, pork chops. I'm not claiming any health benefits but they were easy to make & delicious. 

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  1. I love that calendar! And I was so surprised when I saw Missy Elliot, it took me back, like way back haha. I think I'm going to add her to my workout playlist!


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