I tried to keep Juniper's birth story as precise & formatted as possible. It's not my strong suit because I kept bursting with inappropriate comments such as, "my lady bits didn't even fall off!" I've allowed myself an entire post warranted to all of the weird details of labor, delivery & living with a tiny person. With a total lack, of course.

+ Let's elaborate on the "my lady bits didn't even fall off!" statement. One of the main reasons I opted out of having a mirror to watch the delivery is because I had a genuine fear of my hoohah ripping in half. There really isn't a eloquent way to write about your bits being shredded. Regardless, I wasn't signing up to watch. Good news, all of my parts are in order! (These are the things you don't put on the internet. I know that.) I'm so grateful for our doctor because he didn't rush the delivery, giving my body time to adjust to an entire person exiting the birth canal. Hooray for 1st degree tearing & the endless amount of mesh panties from the hospital.

+ I spent the better portion of the year peeing every hour, on the hour without the satisfaction a person should have by emptying your bladder. Suddenly when there isn't a foot or face pushed up against your bladder, you pee for longer than 2 seconds again! It's a blessing. #BLESSED

+ My milk came in 48 hours after she was born & SWEET MERCY, it came in hot. People warned me about labor. They warned me about delivery. Why didn't anyone warn me about engorgement? I was sure that my boobs were going to explode. No, they were going to kill me then explode. Good news, they are behaving themselves now. I had a bit of an encounter with Mastitis when she was 2 weeks old. I woke up with the chills & a 103.1 fever which sent me into a panic. I didn't want to lose my milk supply because even though nursing wasn't going particularly well, I still wanted the option. I pumped & nursed all day long, which luckily resulted in my milk supply staying in tact. Where are we now? Well, my child is being fed, which is really the only thing that matters. Nursing is hard. Juniper is a relatively lazy eater which makes breastfeeding difficult because she continually breaks her latch. If you are a new mom in the same boat, I suggest using a nipple shield. It's been the only way June & I can nurse together because it guarantees a good latch. I've learned that I am not a graceful nurser which I'm sure is solved with time. Even though I support women who breastfeed in public, with or without a cover, I personally don't want my boobs flying about while shopping in the Gap. While we do nurse at home, I often pump before going out so we have a bottle on hand. We're sort of all over the map, but it's working for us. The entire aspect of breastfeeding has taught me that mommy-judgement needs to be kept at bay. Having a baby, & being a mother is so personal. Some things work for one, while it's an absolute hot mess for another. It's fine. We're all doing our best.

+ I prepped myself for a life without sleep because people really like to make you think that your life is over when you have a baby. Just so you know, those people are the worst. Having a baby is awesome. We have had a few sleepless nights when Juniper was first born, but now she sleeps through the night (unless I eat something that makes her mad.) I use the word "night" relatively loosely. She sleeps from midnight until 6:00 AM, which is enough time to make me feel well rested. She's sort of an angel baby. Though she is sleeping in her bassinet, she demands snuggles when she wakes up in the morning. I don't hate it. She's the best snuggler.

+ I'm not particularly fond of bodily fluids. It's weird & socially unacceptable if you are. However, I've been covered in poop, spit up, breast milk & baby pee without a complaint. It's weird how you can be doused in baby juices & not be grossed out. It's cute, almost.

+  Now that I'm midway through this post, I've realized that I have a million other posts I'd like to write. Such as, makeup that survived labor & delivery, things I bought that I'm actually using & the things I wouldn't buy again, & I should probably format a happy 1 month birthday for June. Crap, now this post feels irreverent. I'll be back later.


  1. I loved this post. I had my baby boy 5 days ago and pretty much agree with all your statements. Having an unsquished bladder is pretty much the best thing in the world. And breastfeeding is hard which I expected, but no one told me about my milk coming in, holy wow! So much milk. We've been pretty much only pumping. And the whole no sleeping thing. Baby is sleeping great, but the pumping is what makes me get up in the night. And I agree, body fluids, although disgusting, are sort of cute when they come from your baby.

  2. Dear Meg,
    I just want you to know that this post is awesome on so many levels. Like for reals. I'm new to the whole being married party, and for some reason in the past few months I have been hearing SO MANY HORROR STORIES of birth and being a mom and having babies that I have been feeling like I never want a child....ever! so to read through this post made me so much calmer about the whole thing.

    Also, you should know it's been about 3 years of me stalking your blog and I am finally coming out of the closest about it. So happy for you and Mckay to have Juniper! She looks like the perfect little angel, and makes me actually WANT to maybe have a baby someday!

    all the love,

  3. I'm a month away from having my first! Keep the helpful posts comin :)

  4. I use a nipple shield too:) it's the only way for both cove & I !

  5. Haha! I love this. congrats on having a positive outlook on the labour and parenting. If your a parent you know it's hard but there is too much bad press. This is refreshing. Ooh and your right pregnancy boobs are a delight compared to afterward, I actually blogged about that because no one warns you! How do you find pumping? I did it exclusively for 5 months Gordie was always a lazy feeder too.

  6. I love it! She is beautiful and I love hearing your story and how things are going for you two! I don't have a baby yet but all the tips in advance i'm a fan of! Also, your bluntness I LOVE! Don't change you!


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