Once, before I was pregnant, we were out to dinner with a group of our friends & acomment was made about how once you become a parent, you only talk about your kids. I get it now. I'm absolutely, utterly & voluntarily consumed by this tiny person of mine. (Even though she decided that she was ready to start the day at 3:30 this morning.)

Here are some other tidbits about our june bug & other postpartum life updates.

Juniper loves:

+ her pacifier. Originally, we started out using soothies but they are so dense, they would continually fall out of her mouth. She would either drop it or accidentally pull it out, but assume someone stole it from her & a freak out would ensue. She doesn't freak out over many things but don't mess with her binky. We switched to mams & it's been a dream since. She can suck her pacifier back in like a vacuum when she drops it & I don't have to babysit the binky all night long. Win.

+ baths. I smile at this because I, too, love baths. Often times, she will let out a sigh & fall right asleep. I feel you, girl. She'll get a basket of bath bombs for her first birthday.

+ being swaddled, even though she pretends like she hates it. McKay is the master-swaddler. She escapes mine every time. Swaddles are like baby straight jackets so I get why she doesn't like the act of being swaddled. However, once she is locked away in her muslin prison, she's the happiest.

+ a nice car ride. I think I would be in trouble if my child hated her carseat because we spend a lot of time bopping around the town. I say town, but I mean target. She falls asleep right away when we are driving but she will scream when we stop at intersections, demanding us to keep moving. She's so bossy.

+ sleeping with mom & dad. Though we don't co-sleep, every morning when she wakes up & we pull her into bed for some morning snuggles. She's all about it.

+ gas drops. Probably because they taste like candy.

+ her hair being brushed. In hopes to keep cradles cap at bay, we brush her hair quite frequently. Particularly McKay. He has taken it upon himself to keep her hair brushed. Probably because she has his hairline. Even so, she loves it.

Juniper really, really does not appreciate:

photoshoots. Specifically when I try to take her binky whilst taking photos. She's like an overpaid model who refuses to work with me.

+ being cold, by default, being naked. She's got summer in her veins because she will not tolerate being cold.

+ gas, obviously. We are getting really good at every burping technique in the book.

I'm surprised how normal life is with a newborn. I've never been happier. We spend a lot of our evenings in bed, watching Friends as a family of three. It's pretty wonderful.


  1. You don't know me, but I stumbled across the sweet pictures of your baby on Instagram, which led me to your blog! Totally love reading your posts and I totally can relate! I have 2 girls-one is 20 months and the 2nd is 7 months. I had the same issues with nursing (it's definitely NOT natural ;) ) but you go mama for sticking with it. And I agree so much about how awesome mommy life is! I felt so blessed to have her, even during those 3 a.m. feedings and diaper changes.

  2. At least you have the baths going for you, that will make your life so much easier! She is so adorable, I may need to convince my husband it's time for a baby girl. ;)

  3. She is just the cutest little thing!!! Love getting to know more about her!

  4. This is so sweet! How does brushing her hair keep cradle cap at by? Very curious to know!? :)

  5. She is darling! And it's so true, your kids become your life. I'm not even sad about it;) It's just such a miracle to make your own little humans!


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