things i've been liking lately.
+ Juniper. She's sort of my very favorite thing forever & always.
+ Brooklyn Nine Nine. If you like Parks & Rec or The Office, this will be your jam.
+ Mo' Bettahs. I crave this place every morning, afternoon & evening. Try the teriyaki steak & chicken.
+ Aubergine & Company. I've been trying to make better eating decisions which mostly means I can't have a box of rice krispie treats for breakfast. All of cool kids chatted about acai bowls. I thought it was a health gimmick because look, I've tried eating paleo & it's the worst. I've also tried juicing which is also the worst. Good news, I tried an acai bowl from Aubergine & Company & it is not the worst! It's actually the best. If it wasn't $10 out the door, I would go there every day.
+ Steve. My BFFFFFF, Lex, adopted a tiny pug. I normally don't like pugs. Their wheezing makes me nervous but he is the cutest. He loves Juniper which is adorable. They snuggled while watching Chopped. I died, people. DIED.
+ Age of Adeline. I appreciate a hardy love story that has a great ending. That's all I ask for. Plus I think Blake Lively is a fox.
+ Rap. As in rap music. I'm a cool mom, guys/I'm a 16 year old that accidentally blew out the speakers in the car listening to lil wayne.
+ Warm weather. I'm ready for snow cones & pool trips.

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  1. So adorable! If I wasn't afraid I was going to blow out my toddlers ear drums, I would blast rap all-day err-day; that and Taylor Swift. ;) Such a cute baby girl!


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