I don't take photos often but when I do, I post allllll of them. Oops. If you've made it this far, that means you've made it past the copious amount of photos of my child & friends. High five to you!

Our little person, Juniper, was blessed in our church on Sunday. It was sweet & hit me right in the feels. It was so lovely to have our very closest friends & family there to support us. We ventured to a local park for lunch & sun-basking.
I'm glad I kept my blessing dress from a million years ago for June to wear. It was an early '90's statement with particularly itchy fabric, but it was sweet to see her wearing it. She barfed all over it, in hopes for a comfier outfit. It worked. She's a riot.
Happy almost 3 months, my tiny Juniper Grey!


  1. Oh my gosh. That picture of the puppy and baby held out together. I'm dead.

  2. HAHA! ^^ I was going to say the same thing. Congratulations on her baby blessing. Also, I love the easy going friendship you and Lexi have.. everyone needs a friendship like that.
    Happy for your happiness Meg!

  3. I know life is busy and this isn't me asking for more, I promise! haha :) but I love love it when you get a chance to post. Your blog is definitely one of my most favorites. Other things I love: sweet painted baby toes and your dress!


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