monday thoughts + a last minute bachelor recap


+ I am a TV watcher, which I know I could probably be doing something more productive with my time, but usually I am doing something productive while watching TV- which I think makes me super productive. Multitasking is my favorite thing to do. I finished Jane The Virgin, which at first, I was like, what in the actual crap is this show? Then I fell in love with the characters. It's a modern day telenovela. If you are a desperate housewives or actual soap opera, but also like the humor of modern family- you will like Jane The Virgin. It's a good one.

+ Speaking of TV, since Jane has left a void, I started Pretty Little Liars. It's sort of one of those cult followings, because the groupies always say PLL, sort of like ANTM, which I'm apart of. I get it, even though you look like a TV obsessed, whack job. This show gives me Gossip Girl feelings. It's young, filled with pretty terrible acting but it's dramatic & I love commitment to television, so I keep watching. Granted, I'm only 6 episodes in, but the early 2000's filters are killing me. I'll probably love it by the end of it, because even if I hate it, you better believe I'll watch all 18 seasons.

+ I've been trying to not eat cake for breakfast & I even went to the gym four times last week, which is 4 times more than I have gone in the last 10 months. Next the gym I attend, there is this juice bar, which makes me sound like a kale loving a-hole, but it's actually delicious. Really delicious. I don't even have to pretend their things are brownies, because they taste delightful on their own. If you are local, it's Ivie Juice bar. The beach babe (or something like that) acai bowl is my jam.

+ I feel a little hazy (maybe high? I've never been high, but maybe that's what this feeling is) off of NyQuil. Before I tell you all of my dirty secrets, like I want to be pregnant again, I'm going to leave.

Watch some netflix for me. We can talk about it. (ALSO, I AM MISSING THE BACHELOR TONIGHT.)

Wait, maybe we should talk about this since I've missed the last two recaps. Without seeing this evening episode, here are some of my thoughts.

+ I've let this next statement simmer within me for a while, because this is serious business, as you know. I'm team olivia. You gasped. Hear me out. She gives me Michelle Money feelings. Remember how our homegirl michelle was edited to look like a total nut job on her first season because she is dry & hilarious? I think Olivia might be the same way. I find her hilarious. At first, I was like, oh hell no, but now I am like, let's be friends because you are a good time.

+ All of the other girls are non-faces to me still. Every time they pan to another girl, I say, "Wait, who is that?" I feel sad that Lace dismissed herself, but it was probably for the best. She was really putting a dent in the alcohol supply in the basement of the mansion.

+ I still think Caila is cute, despite her breakdown after realizing she has entered into polygamy, by contract. It's a rough go.

+ I'm not going to say anything mean about JubJub. Partially because her childhood is actually awful, but mostly because I think she could kill me in my sleep.

Since it's been a week, those are the dusty thoughts I had about last week. I may be back tomorrow with fresh feelings about the episode tonight. Who's your favorite?


  1. I've been missing your Bachelor recaps! I love Lauren B. and Caila. And Becca, of course. I think those 3 will definitely at least make it to hometowns. But I'm sorry, I can't stand Olivia. I do think they've edited her to look extra crazy, but I just can't with her. I look forward to your thoughts after last night's episode.....

  2. Yes! PLL is the best! I put off watching it for a long time but it's good haha. Gotta love a good high school mystery show.
    Also, I am the same way with T.V. Productive while watching T.V. = T.V. is productive ;)

  3. I don't think Olivia looks crazy...but oh my lanta she is annoying. Same with Lauren B. A flight attendant? That girl has all the smarts and giggles going for her. I'm team Becca. Mostly because she's not crazy...and she has really nice teeth. I mean really, Ben and Becca babies would have the prettiest smiles. And that's pretty important, right?

  4. PLL is addicting! I tried to stop myself halfway through because I was like ugh this is so dumb..but sure enough I'm all caught up once again! I'm such a TV addict I love me a dumb TV show to blow through while I pretend to do laundry haha

  5. Yes for Jane the Virgin. #TeamMichael


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