ten months


bits & pieces about mothering a 10 month old.

+ Mostly, it's easier than I expected. I wish I could sit down with every anxious expecting mother to tell them that being a mom is awesome. & fun! & they will even sleep too! I'm almost a year into this thing, which isn't long & I don't have a flock of children either, so I'm feeling well rest & happy.

+ Juniper Grey (the original, ha!) is a bundle of joy. She is such a goofy thing, which makes sense, because she has a couple of whack jobs for parents. Her personality is blooming, which is so fun to be a part of.

+ She growls. All of the time. I'm not going to teach her otherwise because I find it hilarious.

+ If she wanted to walk, I think she could. She moves so quickly from each furniture piece throughout our tiny apartment. Curiosity is strong in her blood.

+ Bath time is still her very favorite.

+ When she needs something, she says "mamama" over & over again. However, when she is really excited about something she says, "dadadadada."

+ That pacifier is still attached to her at all times. I know it's going to be a battle someday.

+ Girlfriend has teeth. Lots of them! 6 & counting. We've started brushing her teeth regularly which she thinks is funny, but doesn't fight us on it.

+ Home Goods is her favorite store. Well, it's my favorite store, so she is there quite frequently. She's been use to shopping since she was born, so she doesn't put up a fight most of the time. She has exquisite taste in throw pillows. She eats them all.

+ Chuck-a-rama is her (my) favorite, because oops, we are actually 80 year old gals. She packs down the mashed potatoes like they are going out of style. She wants nothing to do with green beans, but she will tolerate carrots. We wouldn't make it through church without feeding her puffs & yogurt bites.

+ June loves Little Baby Bum. It is the absolute weirdest show ever but it's the only way she will snuggle with me, so I'm not above watching it.

+ She loves McKay more than me. I can't even be upset about it because it's the sweetest thing in the whole world. It makes me emotional, so I'm leaving now.

We adore you, june bug. Don't worry, I'm already planning your birthday party.

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  1. My 9 month old loves Little Baby Bum! It is seriously the weirdest animated show, but he becomes enthralled in it when I turn it on for him.


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